Wikipedia Launches ‘Nearby’ Feature For Mobile Website That Shows Location Based Information

Wikimedia Foundation, the charitable organization behind Wikipedia has introduced a new Nearby page, a service that surfaces Wikipedia articles based on your location. As the name suggests, the special page lists places and interesting things near your current location. The idea is to both help you out in a foreign town and to help you find out more about your own city. “Along with the goal...
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Foursquare Is Now Able To Narrow Down Explicitly With ‘Super-Specific Searches’

Geo-Tagging & local-check-in engine Foursquare has announced a new update that allows a very high degree of specificity within the searches. The recommendation engine, now grown into a full-fledged location based Social Network; offers people multiple natural language searches that allow them to be very narrow & particular about their requirement. Simply titled ‘Super-Specific Searches’...
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Foursquare Updates Android App With Better Maps

Foursquare has given its Android app another update. The recent update adds better maps to explore feature which will enable users expand the map view in the explore screen.  The ‘Whats New’ section of Foursquare app on Google Play reads,” We’ve updated the app to give you a better map experience. Now when you’re on the home screen looking at friends and interesting places...
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Foursquare Updates Android App With User Recommendations & Local Advice

Foursquare has updated its Android app with  new features.  The update will give users recommendations about near by place as soon as they launch the app. “When you’re in a new city or neighborhood, Foursquare will show you popular places, sites, and must-see attractions. When you’re on your home turf, we’ll tell what spots are “new and notable” – places that have recently opened in...
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Foursquare Launches Separate Foursquare For Business App

Foursquare has launched its second mobile app which will cater solely to businesses who use the location service. Before this, all business owners on the platform had to access their business dashboards and tools from the desktop. With this, business owners can now access all their Foursquare information and business tools from the mobile app. The app is available for both Android and iOS and is free...
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Foursquare Releases An Interactive Map Of Its Check-ins

Mumbai on the interactive map
Foursquare has released an interactive map of its check-ins in the last 3 months so that users can visualize all the Foursquare activity (also real world outdoor activity) around the world. This interactive map shows the check-ins all around the globe and if you look closely you can discern the countries or rather cities where Foursquare is predominantly active. Maps gives you an idea about Foursquare...
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Foursquare Updates Privacy Policy; Will Use Full Names Across The Platform

Foursquare Snapshot 1
Foursquare, the frontrunner in location apps, announced changes to its privacy policies in the new year. These new updates will result in user’s full names being displayed across the service instead of the previous ‘name+initial of surname’. In addition to this, the company is also planning to share more of its user data with businesses that users frequent.The company announced this in an email...
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Apple Reportedly In Talks With Foursquare To Enhance Its Maps

There are unconfirmed reports that Apple is having some exploratory talks with the folks over at the location social network, Foursquare. The talks are most probably about a deal which can lead to Foursquare’s user data to be brought over to Apple Maps. I don’t have to tell you why this is happening. The  Apple Maps saga which resulted in the firing of two senior Apple employees who were handling...
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Foursquare Launches Ranking System. Does Away With The Star System Of Its “Explore” Feature

People these days are compelled by their need to share. Be it their thoughts, quotations, photos or even the places they visit, updates about their life, sharing makes them feel more connected and indeed the online location based networking or Geo-social networking is flourishing with increasing number of users and revenues. Foursquare enables people to share the places they have been. The user checks...
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RIM Details Future Plans In Blackberry 10 Demos

Research in Motion, the Canadian company that makes the Blackberry devices that everyone loves/hates, seemed to have fallen behind the times for the last couple of years. Their dated software, lackluster hardware and almost non existent developer momentum resulted in millions of people upgrading to devices running Android and iOS  on them. In fact, many agreed that it was just because corporate IT...
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