Microsoft Teams Up With Foursquare, Invests $15M In The Company

Microsoft is in the news today for more than one reason. For starters, the software giant appointed Indian born Satya Nadella as Microsoft CEO.  Secondly, the company has partnered and invested $15M in location data app Foursquare. The partnership is described as a “commercial and technical” licensing deal that will merge Foursquare recommendations into Microsoft’s local and search products.Microsoft...
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Foursquare Raises $35 Million In Series D Round; Seems Optimistic About Its Future

Over the last few years, it has been felt in the tech circles that Foursquare has been something of a has-been. While they still have around 45 million people who have signed up for the service, it is nowhere in the big leagues of Facebook and Twitter even though it was one of the frontrunners in the social media wave.This has largely been, I think because its functionality has been replicated by...
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Google Adds Explore Feature To Maps In India

Google has updated Google Maps with ‘Explore’ feature in India. The feature gives recommendation to users about popular nearby places. ‘Explore’ allows  users to browse and discover for places to eat, drink, hangout, shop and sleep. The places list will also consist of various photos and different user reviews.  The new feature provides users with reviews and ratings for ‘Nearby...
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Foursquare Opens Its Ad Program For Advertisers Globally

foursquare ads
Foursquare has announced that it has opened up its ad platform for all advertisers and small businesses. Their ad program was earlier limited to 50 large advertisers in the US. The company has been the pioneer in crowdsourced data regarding restaurants and events but has struggled to reach either profitability or at least a milestone towards the goal. Nobody denies that the startup’s data about its...
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Official Foursquare App Launched On Windows 8

 Foursquare, which has already been released for Windows Phone 8, is now been rolled out to Windows 8 PC and tablet owners via the Windows Store.Microsoft first announced Windows 8 would receive an official Foursquare app at the BUILD 2013 conference in June. The Windows Store description for the newly launched app states that it will not only allow users to let others know they have “checked...

Foursquare Unveils Feature Phone App For Nokia S40 And Asha Devices

Nokia foursquare
In a bid to target millions of feature phone users, Foursquare has launched app designed for Nokia’s popular S40 series phones, including the recently released Asha devices. Along with the new app, Foursquare also inked a deal with Nokia to come preloaded on new Asha devices when they hit the market in coming months.Foursquare does not require GPS to work with S40 phones and hence users can...
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Foursquare Updates Android And iOS Apps, Lets You Check-in Your Friends

Social check-in service Foursquare has updated its Android and iOS apps with the feature that lets users check-in their friends. Before the update, Foursquare allowed you to mention your friends but not actually let you check-in like Facebook. However, unlike Facebook, users have to ask permission of people you are mentioning while tagging them on Foursquare.  The service said it has added the new...
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Google Officially Buys Traffic App Waze

Securing its dominance in real-time navigation information, Google has acquired traffic app Waze. After weeks of speculation the search engine giant has finally gobbled up a much fought-over Israeli social mapping company. The financial details of the deal were not confirmed by either companies, though The New York Times pegged the figure at $1.03 billion.“To help you outsmart traffic,...
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City Guide App NH7 Goes Live On iOS And Android

Indian music platform  has launched a city guide app NH7 In Town on iOS and Android. The app enables users with information about all the happening places in the city. The app currently showcases music performances, exhibitions, food festivals, outdoor trecks, movies and others. Currently available in Mumbai, the service will be launched in other cities soon.I gave the app a spin and found...
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Location Based Services Can Become $2-5 Billion Sector In 3 Years: COAI

If issues related to application, devices, IP rights and privacy are addressed on time, the relatively new location-based services (LBS)sector has potential to achieve $2 to 5 billion size in the next two to three years, according to the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI).Speaking about the potential this sector has, COAI Director General Rajan S Mathews said,“As of today location-based...
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