Foursquare Upgrades Their Mobile App. But Is There A Genuine Scope For Location Based Services In India?

Foursquare Snapshot
If you’ve signed up to even a single social media blog or see yourself as a “social media enthusiast”, you must already know that Foursquare’s mobile app for the iPhone and Android has been revamped and a new version for Blackberry’s isn’t far away. In fact, Foursquare says that it “isn’t just a fresh coat of paint, it’s a whole new app.” The UI is different making it instantly...

Foursquare Hits 10 Million Users With Geo-Location Networking

The most sought after social networking platform Foursquare has appeared in the numero uno position. Just the way Foursquare helps people and places connect through interfaces like mobiles, there are many other players in the same arena. Facebook Places, Loopt and Gowalla are trying to beat but Foursquare appears to be victorious with a whopping 10 million users giving a whole new dimension to the...
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