Gender And Social Media Usage [Infographic]

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Over the last couple of years of Social Media’s existence we have noticed some differences in the way men and women use social media. It started with equal usage all around during the times of Orkut and the early years of Facebook but we are starting to see some divergent trends here. Pinterest is one key example I would like cite in this regard. The visual nature and its easy ‘Pinning’ mechanism...
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Work For A Living But Don’t Kill Yourself Doing That; Technology And Work-Life Balance.

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Ever woken up in the middle of the night to the flashing red light on your Blackberry and responded to a work email? Or missed a game-deciding goal while watching a match because you were replying to a follower’s tweet? Been given ‘the glare’ by your irate spouse because you’re editing a document on your iPhone on the dinner table?If you answered yes to any one of these questions, you are...

Mozilla’s Boot2Gecko Mobile OS Gets Renamed To Mozilla OS; Will See Release Next Year

Source: Mobile Shop
This is an exciting time indeed! We are going to see one more influential web company bringing out its mobile OS. The key difference here is that Mozilla is a non-profit and open source  company which will be working on what could be the most ‘open’ mobile OS of them all. Don’t get me wrong, Android is much more open than iOS, WP7/8 and the BB OS, but Google has effectively changed what Open...
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The Effect Of The Web And Social Media On News Publishing And Consumption [Infographic]

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News has always occupied a significant part of our lives. This probably stems from the obsessive-compulsive impulse we have to understand the bigger picture in our own cities and out there in the world. Reading habits have not mostly changed but the platform surely has. The web has ensured that news is delivered straight to our computers and devices without the need for a physical delivery mechanism....
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Indian Ecommerce Players Get Innovative With The Help Of Technology

Indian E-commerce is on the cusp of being recognized as a practical shopping option for people who simply don’t have the time nor the allure to go through a bunch of shops in some obscure outlet so that they can get a good bargain.  Infact, online retail seems to be offering better discounts and offers although this might not make the ecommerce company much money, yet this is how Indian e-commerce...

B2B On Pinterest: Why It’s Not Just A B2C World

Do you sell products or services to business customers or do you want to start selling to businesses? Do you have an online presence, website, Facebook page, Twitter etc.? (Of course you do, who doesn’t these days!) Is your business on Pinterest? Chances are, most probably not… With the incredible growth that Pinterest has seen over the last year, any business would be hard-pressed to find...

Is Technology Changing The Way We Learn? An Exploration Into The World Of Online Learning

When I was receiving my formal university education in the United Kingdom, the college fees for a local student were £3000 annually. Now, 6 years later, that figure has increased three-fold to £9000. According to a report by Catherine Rampell of The New York Times, the college tuition fees in the USA have increased by a jaw-dropping 559% since 1985. According to a report by ASSOCHAM, the tution fees...

Zomato Gets New Social Features; Shows Trappings Of A Foodie Social Network!

Zomato, India’s largest online food and lifestyle guide has now made the service more ‘Social’. Zomato has been pushing the barriers consistently by introducing online ticketing for events and launching the Citibank Zomato Restaurants Guide (a print magazine) in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. The company has announced that they have added some key social features onto the website which makes...
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ComScore Portrays A Healthy State Of Internet & Related Technologies

In the latest findings from ComScore, the research company has offered reassuring image of the virtual world. Though the report primarily focuses on the “State of the U.S. Internet”, it offers insights which bear global implications. Along with the internet, ComScore has also detailed trends across mobile, online advertising and e-commerce.According to ComScore, the world is increasingly going...
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Why Marketers Need To Use Social Media For Customer Service

In the world of marketing where rules of engagement change dramatically- every breaking technology either helps marketers to develop and push products or pushes them into oblivion. Social media is one such disruptive change which is rewriting the way our world is shaping up, may it be how people co-ordinate with each other and raise a revolution or how brands find a way into the daily lifestyle of...
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