Facebook For Android Updated To Support More Destop Centric Features

Facebook for Android has gotten more feature parity with the desktop and iOS version due to an update that was deployed yesterday. This update comes immediately after the Instagram update for Android.   Most of the new features enabled in the Facebook’s Android app revolve around photos and the ability to interact with friends in a manner that is possible using the desktop version but has been missing...
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Facebook Will Roll Out 15 Second Video Ads in Your News Feed Soon

Facebook has been planning the launch of mobile ads for a long time now. The social network announced last year in October that it will introduce video ads on mobile apps. Then in December, a Wall Street Journal report stated that Facebook will launch the video ad feature on December 19th, but the ads were not launched at that time. Today, Facebook has announced in its blog post that video ads will...
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Uninor Betting On Low Cost Mobile Internet Plans To Boost Revenues

Telecom Service provider Uninor has shared that its strategy now involves boosting revenues through low cost Data Plans.Uninor, a telecom company majorly owned and operated by Norwegian telecom giant Telenor, is now realigning its strategy and Data Plans or Mobile Internet will now form a big contributing factor to its coffers, shared Morten Karlsen Sorby, the recently nominated CEO for the company, “We...
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Facebook Pages Are Getting A New Streamlined Look

Facebook has now decided to show some love to Facebook Pages in terms of updated design and streamlining. This has to do with their overall push for a more fluid and attractive design across the board. Facebook announced this on their Facebook for Business blog. The new designs do look rather attractive and are focused even more on visual content than before. Also, the location of Page information...
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India’s Competition Council Now Has Facebook–WhatsApp Deal In the Crosshairs

India’s Competition Commission of India (CCI) is soon expected to initiate an investigation into the WhatsApp’s acquisition by Facebook.Facebook might have famously paid US$ 19 Billion to acquire internet based mobile instant messaging platform WhatsApp, but the deal is nowhere near culmination. The companies will have to get a clearance from numerous Governmental bodies across the world, including...
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Facebook Revamps Its News Feed For The Web

facebook news feed
Facebook is all set to roll out a redesign to its News Feed that puts a greater focus on images. The social network is tweaking the News Feed almost exactly a year after it announced an experimental version.“Today we’re rolling out an updated look for News Feed so that desktop and mobile will look the same, making Facebook more consistent and easier to use across platforms”, said Facebook...
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Facebook Brings Its Messenger To Windows Phone

facebook messenger
During the Mobile World Congress this year, Microsoft announced that the Facebook Messenger app for Windows Phone was in the final stages of development and would be released soon. The messenger app is now available for download on the Windows Store and users can now collectively breathe a sigh of relief.Facebook’s messenger is a great one stop solution for messaging your friends. Compared to other...
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Flipboard Acquires CNN’s News Reader Zite

Flipboard has scooped up its rival news reader app Zite from CNN to strengthen its position in the competitive news reader market. The deal also includes a content and ad sales partnership with CNN. All CNN content will be available on Flipboard and the social reader app will create customized magazines for all of CNN’s shows. As part of the deal, both CNN and Flipboard will sell ads against...
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Yahoo Will Gradually Stop Allowing Users To Access Content With Google, Facebook Credentials

Internet news and content company Yahoo Inc. has decided to disallow its visitors to access content using Facebook or Google credentials.To access content, users will have to use their Yahoo Account. The change won’t take place immediately, but the rollout is a certainty and the company will ensure that the same is done gradually and in a phased manner. The process has already begun with Yahoo...
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Facebook Rolls Out Election Tracker App

Facebook election tracker
Its a known fact that social media is being used by almost all the political parties. In fact, the latest report from IAMAI and IMRB touted that social media influence may swing 3-4 percent votes. Facebook has been actively used as a communication and promotional platform by these political parties. Last month Facebook had rolled out two compiled lists; Indian Political Parties and Indian Political...
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