Facebook Will Remove In-App Chat For Both iOS And Android Apps

Facebook has announced that it will be removing the messaging feature from its main mobile app on both iOS and Android. The company is going this to get people to use Facebook Messenger on these platforms. When you think of it, the messages feature on the main Facebook app was pretty redundant.. when the company released Messenger. Removing this redundancy is good and moreover, Facebook Messenger is...
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Facebook Hits $2.02 Billion Revenue, Crosses 1.19 Billion Monthly Active Users

fb q3
Facebook has just announced its Q3 2013 results that has exceeded expectations. The company revealed that the revenue in the latest quarter surged 60 percent to $2.02 billion. Facebook’s advertising revenue was $1.8 billion, up 66 per cent from a year ago. Mobile ads accounted for 49 per cent of the company’s total ad revenue during the quarter.Along with the revenue, Facebook also...
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Facebook Improves Facebook Login On Mobile; Makes It 31% Faster

Facebook Login is now one of the most popular login system among competitors like Twitter, Google and others. The login which started off as Facebook Connect has been used a wide variety of mobile apps to let users sign up for a service as quickly as they can without having to create new accounts all the time.However, there have been concerns over how much data Facebook takes from these apps or vice...
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Facebook Is Testing Its Own Mobile Payment Product

Facebook is now aiming to make mobile payments simpler by testing a PayPal like mechanism which will enable simpler checkouts for its mobile users, a demographic which is increasing day by day. While this may pit Facebook against strong players like PayPal, Facebook has clarified that it is just interested in making mobile payments simpler and will allow small businesses to use the processing service...
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Facebook Integrates Itself Deeper Into Android With Facebook Home

Facebook announced its new experiment called Facebook Home yesterday. Last week, speculation was rife among silicon valley tech pundits about Facebook’s event and what ‘Come see our home on Android’ meant. Facebook phone and custom android OS were some of the possibilities being discussed. What Facebook ended up showing was – to put it frankly – pretty okay! Facebook home is what...
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Out Of The 100-150 Million Internet Users In India, 71 Million Are Hooked To Facebook

Give that we just published a post that says people are no longer hooked to Facebook, this post is sure to shock. But here is the deal. While users in the US are slowly yet surely shying away from Facebook addiction, Indians – India is one of the top 3 fastest growing internet markets in the world – are getting hooked to this social site. According to data released by Facebook, the site in December...
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Mobile Ads Now Account For 20% Of Total Facebook Ad Spend: Report

You will remember that just before Facebook IPO’d, the most pressing problem it was facing was the monetization problem on mobile. More than half of Facebook’s users were accessing it from mobile and Facebook didn’t have a solid mobile ad strategy in place to leverage this. If you have looked at your Facebook mobile app (iOS, Android) you will see that quite a few sponsored posts are popping...
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Facebook Revamps iOS App From The Ground Up

Image functionality - Screen 1
Facebook has announced an important update to its iOS app which completely revamps the the way it works. There were parts of the old iOS app which did not use the iOS system architecture natively and thus took a longer amount of time to load. Facebook’s announcement makes it clear that the new update uses native code, which has been built from scratch to utilise the iOS platform. This makes the rendering...
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Facebook Now Has 50 Million Users In India; Plans On Expanding Operations

Facebook India’s Kirthiga Reddy has confirmed that the social network has reached a 50 million user-base in the country. When Facebook India started its operations 2 years ago, the user count was  8 million, a decent figure when you realise that its mobile usage was not big in the country. We can safely assume that this spike in user-base has a significant proportion of mobile users driving it....
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The Excitement Heats Up As Facebook Nears Its IPO Date; A Look At What The Social Network Is Upto!

Facebook is in the centre of a lot of news and gossip due to its upcoming IPO and the pundits are out there everywhere overanalyzing Zuckerberg’s every move. Just last week, he got a lot of flak from traditional Wall Street analysts on the lack of his business attire when he attended one the Investor Road Shows in New York City.Facebook has one thing for going for it! It will become one of the...