India Is The 4th Most Vacation Deprived Country: Expedia Study

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Expedia, one of the prominent online travel agency, has announced its Vacation Deprivation Study for 2012. The company releases this report every year. The data is obtained by carrying out detailed polls across the many countries that Expedia operates in. This year’s polls had 8687 employed participants spanning 22 countries. This year however, didn’t look that great for India, as our country climbed...
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Redbus & Expedia Partner Up For Collective Edge In Market

The online Travel Business has been booming since the past few years. With Air Travel and even Rail Bookings available online, the general public has taken really well to them. The convenience of any time booking and attractive discounts offered, services like MakeMyTrip, Yatra,  ClearTrip and Expedia garnered up quite an audience for air travel, while IRCTC grew popular for Rail Bookings. Out of...
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Expedia India’s Low-Cost Carrier Inventory Plans May Lead To A Renegotiated Contract With Cleartrip

Expedia India may renegotiate its contract with Indian online travel agency Cleartrip, since it would not need access to the latter’s low-cost carrier (LCC) inventory. The company plans to bring the low-fare inventory directly onto its platform, as it plans to push its customized travel package business in India.After its late entry into the country in 2009, it has made headway since the last...
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India’s Online Travel Market Has Its Success Rooted In Offering A Complete Package: CEO Expedia

Though Expedia has made a late entry into India’s Online Travel scene, the company has set an ambitious target to capture a large market share, reveals the company’s CEO Dan Lynn. The company has confidence that owing to its various country-specific endeavors it can confidently grab a larger chunk in a shorter amount of time. At present, India’s online Travel industry is worth about US$ 22...
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Google’s Flight Search App Helps Travellers, Upsets Travel Companies

Google’s Flight search which was launched as desktop-only service last year has reportedly gone global. Launched in September the flight search was meant as a US-only & that too domestic-only flight search tool. However, Google has now added more than 500 airports around the world. The downside is the flight search app currently works only for flight ‘Originating’ in US. So the ‘Global’...
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Special Feature: Online Travel Companies To Spend Big On Advertising

Online Travel & Tourism companies are expected to spend large sums of money on that made an entry in India with its ‘Big Daddy of Online travel’ campaign had spent 25 Corers on ad-budget last year. This year it has set aside Rs. 60 Crores. Expedia has just commenced a new campaign that focuses on its comprehensive service offerings – ‘One word for travel’ While...
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Expedia To Spend 25 Crore For Launch In The Indian Market

Expedia recently announced its direct entry into India with Expedia boasts of a humongous inventory of over 130,000 hotels, more than 430 airline partnerships and over 5000 holiday activities for patrons to enjoy. It also has the largest share of International travellers coming into India. For its launch, Expedia, self proclaimed ‘Big Daddy of Online travel’ is launching...
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Recap 2008: Online Travel

The year 2008 can be termed as the year of online travel as this space has seen immense traction all throughout the year. Whether it was launching of discounted travel, expansions, acquisitions, investments, aggregation or even shut down the online travel space has seen it all during this year. It would be an understatement to say that 2008 was an eventful year for online travel. The main players in...

State of Affairs: WATBlog Analyses The Indian Online Travel Space

Innovations, deals, slowdown, growth, if anyone has been tracking the Online Travel Agents and Portals space lately it is abuzz with news of all kinds. The highs and travails of being one of the few successful business models on the web in India I guess. The online travel segment has been one of the best performing in the e-commerce space in India and has been amongst the fastest growing as well. If...

Tripadvisor Launches In India.. Already Boasts of 1 lakh Registered Indians!

Tripadvisor the travel community portal backed by Expedia has launched in India under the domain name India alreday boasts of local travel portals launching their own travel community sites like Oktatabyebye by Makemytrip and Raahi by Recently even WAYN the popular international travel community had launched in India and also hired a local agency for its digital initiatives...