India Is The 4th Most Vacation Deprived Country: Expedia Study

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Expedia, one of the prominent online travel agency, has announced its Vacation Deprivation Study for 2012. The company releases this report every year. The data is obtained by carrying out detailed polls across the many countries that Expedia operates in. This year’s polls had 8687 employed participants spanning 22 countries. This year however, didn’t look that great for India, as our country climbed...
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Gamification Might Be The Emerging New Trend In Indian Recruiting

Modern employers are willing to experiment with dynamic new concepts to make recruitment effective, interactive and fun. This is what a study by has found. The study by TJInsite asserts that nearly 25% of Indian employers are already using the emerging concept of gamification for recruiting purposes. We wrote about how L’oreal India is using it recruit employees by letting prospective...
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Business Espionage Gets Easier With Facebook, Twitter: Can It Be Curbed Though?

One of the evident pitfalls of online social networking came to the forefront when it was discovered that people would stalk others and if you were active on social media, then there would be little left for the stalkers to know about you. Although this can be sometimes fun and mostly harmless, the implication of the same on businesses is worth noting.According to a recent study by Cyberoam, the...
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Net Surfing During Office Hours Can Be Harmful

How much time do you spend surfing the net in office? If you don’t know then its time you make a note. A recent survey has pointed out that member of staff using the Internet for personal work during office hours are destroying their affiliation with their boss and senior management, carried on a survey among 22658 employees and 3296 hiring managers and senior executives...

Social Media Allowing Recruiters To Find Candidates For Jobs

It’s time you start polishing that Facebook profile of yours and start maintaining your Twitter profile — A new survey from the Society for Human Resource Management shows that 56 percent of employers refer to social networking sites to find the right person for the job. The report informs, “Social networking websites allow an employer the opportunity to gather initial information...
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Infosys Dishes Out New Social Media Norm

Our home grown IT company, Infosys Technologies Ltd., which is the most active IT and BPO company on Twitter and Youtube, is no alien to using social media to its advantage. But recently, social media has become a bane for them. Its own employees have been venting their frustration and anger on social media. How it started was that earlier this year, Infosys had introduced a new HR initiative called...