ICANN Freezes Closed Generic Top Level Domain Bids

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Names (ICANN), the agency in charge of website addresses has temporarily stopped its generic top-level domain application evaluation process.  According to the Governments and activists, allotment of such generic domains can lead to a global corporate monopoly over the World Wide Web, by claiming exclusive rights for domains such as .book or .beauty. There...
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Next Generation Of Domain Extensions To Be Announced By ICANN

ICANN is all set to usher new set of custom domain extensions to the Internet generation. Few days back we reported that ICANN had received a total of 28 Applications from 15 Corporate houses for Domain extensions expressing their brand identity more profoundly. For example, .Reliance, .Bharti etc. The steep registration fees is believed to be around  US$ 1,85,000 & an annual registration fees...
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ICANN Receives Applications From Corporate India For Domain Extensions Costing US$ 185,000

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has received a total of 28 Applications from 15 Corporate houses for Domain extensions. What is so exclusive? Well, these domain extensions are not the run-of-the-mill .org, .net, .edu. These extensions will directly reveal the corporate identity of the company. For example Tata Sons have applied for .tata, whereas State Bank Of India...
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A Brand Name Could Be A Domain Extension Too. End Of Cybersquatting?

ICANN has just opened its pearly gates for companies to register their brand names as domain extensions. The new names will come online in 2013, but application procedure has already started.It was a common perception that .COM was the most desired extension. However, with ICANN proposing new extension options, companies soon could even customize this end of the website. ICANN, the internet governing...
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Hindi Domain Names With Bharat To Arrive Soon

After ICANN approved Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) way back in 2009, India, after confirming the same, still seems to be mauling the idea of launching, dot-Bharat domain name in Hindi in May of next year!One may remember, ICANN had approved the usage of world’s scripts & confirmed that domain names will longer be restricted to Latin alphabets in 2009. Some of the languages approved were...
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Coming Soon: Domain Names In Hindi, Telugu And Other Regional Languages

Very soon India will become one of the first countries to have non-English internationalised domain names (IDN) in regional languages such as Hindi, Bangla, Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu and Gujarati. If things go well between the department of information technology of India (DIT) and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN)  you can expect these regional language domain...
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WebsiteForever To Host Websites For Airtel Users – Are You Game For It?

Airtel Broadband announced their new way of drawing internet users’ attention. They add another feature or rather say a new service to their kitty. This new service claims to be an affordable, easy-to-use solution to the hassle of building a new website. After they slashed down their tariff rates by 40 percent and giving freebies to their customer’s this move comparatively appears slightly...

Interview With Bhavin Turakhia of Directi on the Domain Name Industry and a WATBlog View

At Proto 4, we had Bhavin Turakhia of Directi talking about how to manage and scale a fast growing business. Heading a $300 million dollar business as one of the largest players in the domain name industry worldwide, in a relatively short span of 10 years he certainly knew his stuff and gave an excellent presentation. WATShow did an interview with Bhavin right after his presentation and had a quick...

ICANN, India working on Domain Names in Regional Languages

   The Internet will become truly ubiquitous in India when the ones living in rural areas can connect with it. Agreed it has the ability to offer a host of extremely useful services from weather forecasts to commodity prices, but unless this information is delivered in a format that’s compatible to them, it won’t serve its purpose. Unless it is delivered in the language that they understand,...
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Mobile Domain Name sold for $616000!

At a recent auction on sedo.com for dot mobi domains generated astonishing results! A domain name music.mobi was sold for UDS $616000.   Other domain names such as games.mobi, sports.mobi, movies.mobi were sold for USD $401,500, $101,000 and $82,000 respectively.   Such astonishing figures would have benefited certain smart individuals greatly because they would have paid $9.99 for the domain...