InMobi Introduces Advanced Video Ad Platform

Explosive usage of smartphone and internet has triggered the growth of mobile advertising in recent times. Business owners today need to look beyond traditional advertising channels and embrace technology to keep in touch with or find new customers. Videos among other forms like pop-up, banner etc. is pegged to be the key component of the mobile advertising ecosystem.Global mobile advertising spend...
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Komli Media Introduces Remarketing Demand Side Platform

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With aim to strengthen its leadership in performance and social media advertising across Asia Pacific, Komli Media has launched a news Remarketing Demand Side Platform (RDSP). The latest  platform enables digital marketers to convert site visitors into loyal customers with full transparency and management of media costs, customer data, campaign strategies and performance analytics.Giving insights...
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Zee News Follows ET With Niche Content Vertical Zeegnition

Zee News has come up with a niche content vertical aimed at automotive enthusiasts.Playing with word fusion, Zee News has launched, a portal that is part of a multi-channel news dissipation platform catering primarily to people who are passionate about vehicles and any mode of personal transport that isn’t human-powered. Essentially, Zeegnition is a consolidated vertical for...
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Economic Times Experiments With Segmentation of Class With News Portal

One of India’s leading dailies, The Economic Times has come up with an interesting offering for professionals in the form an exclusive news based web-portal.Christened, the website has been launched with a vision to help professionals make tactical decisions and stay updated with the latest developments around the Information Technology (IT) sector which has been highly dynamic. What...
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Ozone Media Moves Beyond Ad Networks With Adadyn

Online digital media management and advertising company; Ozone Media, has now expanded beyond being a large ‘Ad Network’. The company has launched its first every digital product aimed at enhancing re-targeting of digital banner ads.Christened ‘Adadyn’, it will be Ozone Media’s first ever attempt to step into the world of tech and software development, exclaimed Kiran Gopinath, Founder,...
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Affle Group Kicks Off $3.3 Million Fund For Mobile Marketing

With an aim to invest in innovative technologies in emerging mobile markets like India, digital media firm Affle has set up a a $3.3 million (Rs 20 crore). Dubbed as M2X, the fund is being launched by Affle in partnership with Mobile Marketing Association to enable brands, publishers, agencies, app developers and entrepreneurs to create mobile assets, increase mobile ad spends and promote development...
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India Outpaces Japan To Becomes World’s 3rd Largest Internet Population, Says ComScore

After becoming the third largest smartphone market, India has now become world’s third largest online population after China and US, according to a latest report by ComScore. The report – India Digital Future in Focus 2013 – examines latest trends in web usage, online video, mobile & search, social media usage and e-commerce growth that is shaping the Indian digital marketplace.With...
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Nirvana Tunes Aims To Be The Platform Through Which Indian Musicians Can Earn Revenue And Get Noticed

Nirvana Digital has launched a Youtube platform called Nirvana Tunes, which offers Indian independent artists to use this platform to reach a bigger audience. The company says that it is the first of its kind platform for musicians in the country.With over 117 different channels, the Nirvana Digital Youtube Network says that it has 44,196 channels in its network and the platform has served around...
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Shazam Pumps In $40 Million In Funding From Tycoon Carlos Slim

Music discovery app Shazam has secured a funding of $40 Million from Carlos Slim, who owns phone carrier, America Movil.  In addition to the funding, Shazam will enter into a business partnership with America Movil, presumably bringing its media products to the carrier’s subscribers and boosting its user base in the process.The Shazam smartphone app uses audio fingerprinting technology...
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TCS Report Shows Some Interesting Insights About Indian School Students’ Digital Habits

Need some data on the digital habits of school students in India? Tata Consultancy Services has released the results of its study called “TCS GenY Survey 2012”. The findings throw quite a bit of light on the digital habits of students in the country and validates our general assumption about kids these days being very tech savvy.The study was carried across 14 Indian cities. This included 1660...
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