Google Rolls Out Developer Preview Of Chrome Apps For Android And iOS

google chrome apps
Google had announced in December last year, that it will bring Chrome Apps to Android and iOS. Today, the tech giant has introduced  early developer preview of a toolchain based on Apache Cordova, an open-source mobile development framework for building native mobile apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These apps don’t run inside of a browser or require an Internet connection; plus they...
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Apps, The Future Of Car Infotainment Systems

car infotainment
The reach of gadgets and devices isn’t restricted to smartphones and laptops anymore, but it has also found its way into car infotainment systems. This new, and not much explored vista, has been facilitated by the use of apps, internet, and faster processors. Now, car manufacturers are keen to cash in on this front to make sure that driving takes a turn for a better experience. Car infotainment...
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Indian Developer 2012 Awards Features Products By Microsoft & Google

Microsoft & Google have bagged awards at the Great Indian Developer Awards 2012 for innovative products and applications.While Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2010 was selected in the Development Environment category, Google’s Android was selected in the Mobile Development category. The other award winners were:Modeling category: Rational Rose (IBM) Collaboration category: TeamPulse (Telerik) Change...
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Walmart To Hire 100 More Indian Developers: What Is Walmart Upto?

Walmart Stores has chosen Indian developers to work on its retailing technologies.The physical & online store giant has hired 20 Indian developers over the last few months & plans to have about 100 within few days. The company has set a target of 200 People by the end of the current year. Walmart appears to be gearing up for the onslaught of Amazon. The web-only company has been steadily...
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Developers Think Out Of The Box To Earn From Mobile Applications

With 5000 applications available for free against every Paid one, App & game developers are contemplating new ways to earn cash from their creations.In the early days, apps were delivered through service providers, BSNL, Idea Cellular. Apart from problems of segmentation between different mobile phone operators which heavily curtailed their markets, there was a clear lack of transparency &...
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Apple (Unexpectedly) Relaxes iOS Developer Rules And Releases App Review Guidlines

In a move that’s certainly taken the tech world by surprise, Apple has released a public statement stating that it will roll back 2 of the most controversial changes it made to the IOS Developer Rules during the course of 2010. To quote from the release We have listened to our developers and taken much of their feedback to heart. Based on their input, today we are making some important changes...
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Microsoft Brings Azure To India – Cloud Computing – Offerings & Business Opportunities

If you have been visiting WATBlog for some time, you must have read our time to time coverage of Cloud Computing. In our previous coverage we told you about Google’s views on Cloud Computing and also how this cloud computing could prove to be detrimental to IT jobs. Well, lets keep all this aside for some time now and find out what the computing giant Microsoft has to say about it’s cloud...
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Are You A Web Developer? Head Over To Google D3VF3ST!

If you are a web developer or someone who is excited to see new and cutting edge technology on the web, then D3VF3ST is what you should be looking at. DevFest 2010 is a developer conference organised by Google to be held in the month of February and March in Pune and Hyderabad.Location and event details can be found here.At this developer conference, the tech teams and employees of Google will talk...
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Mobile Roundup: 4G Won’t Hamper 3G Bidding, Cupid Strikes iPhone, Comics on Reliance Mobiles

4G Won’t Hamper 3G Bidding We have already talked about 3G bidding here on WAT Blog. Now there has been a lot of buzz created by 4G and people are worried whether the news of 4G coming to India might hamper the 3G auctions due February 25 this year.To this, the union minister for Communications and Information Technology – Mr. A. Raja said that the launch of 4G spectrum is still late and...
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Events Update: Google Developer Day, India

Google has announced the Google Developer Day in to be held in Bangalore on 18-October-2008.  The event is free to attend by anyone and is intended for software developers and students. The event will focus on Google API in specific and web applications in general. Prasad Ram, head of engineering and R&D at Google India said, “It’s an incredibly exciting time to be a web developer,...
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