Facebook Has Updated Its Newsfeed In Order To Clean Up Low Quality Posts

The Facebook newsfeed is central to the Facebook experience. Over the years, Facebook has been tweaking its algorithms to deliver relevant content to users. However, there have been repeated instances of poor quality and irrelevant content that makes it there. The reason this happens is unfortunately, because of the users themselves. Some Facebook pages use multiple techniques to drive up engagement...
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Google+ Now Shows Total Page View Counts To Users

Google+ has added number of page views to users along with their profile. You can now see how many views a profile’s posts and pictures have received. The number is visible in the header of the profile, right next to the number of followers “Ever wonder how many times your shared Google+ content has been seen? Starting today you’ll see a new number on your Google+ profile or page: total...
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Sony LIV Partners With BoxTV To Make Its Content Available On The Platform

Watch Online   BoxTV  Watch Movies Online  Watch TV Shows Online
Premium video on demand service, Sony LIV has announced that it has partnered with Times Internet’s BoxTv. Sony LIV content will now be shared on BoxTV’s website and will be available for its users across the world.Going to down to the specifics of what this deal means, it seems that BoxTV will now get access to current and historic shows from the stables of Sony Entertainment Television and...
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Vodafone and Disney India Partner To Launch Vodafone Games And Apps

Vodafone and Disney India have tied up in order to provide premium Disney games and apps to its subscribers under the title, Vodafone Games and Apps. These mobile apps are both for smartphones as well as feature phones.This development comes almost 2 weeks after Gameloft tied up with Idea Cellular to provide their users both Android and Java games. Vodafone has had similar partnerships with Hungama...
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Youtube May Be Working On A Kids Version Of Its Website

Multiple sources have indicated that Youtube may be building a video service targeted exclusively at kids. Building Internet services for kids is a tricky problem. Kids need to have access to information but the service should also make sure that it does not serve controversial and inappropriate content to kids.Youtube’s kid friendly service would have to definitely strip away all the questionable...
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Facebook’s Facial Recognition System Has Reached Near Human Accuracy

Facebook’s facial recognition technology which allows the social network to identify and guess people in photos has actually come very close to human levels of recognition. The AI project dubbed DeepFace can recognize the same face from different photographs and get it correct 97.25% of the times. This is eerily close to the 97.53% accuracy score registered by humans!The new tech uses Deep Learning,...
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Flipboard Acquires CNN’s News Reader Zite

Flipboard has scooped up its rival news reader app Zite from CNN to strengthen its position in the competitive news reader market. The deal also includes a content and ad sales partnership with CNN. All CNN content will be available on Flipboard and the social reader app will create customized magazines for all of CNN’s shows. As part of the deal, both CNN and Flipboard will sell ads against...
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Yahoo Will Gradually Stop Allowing Users To Access Content With Google, Facebook Credentials

Internet news and content company Yahoo Inc. has decided to disallow its visitors to access content using Facebook or Google credentials.To access content, users will have to use their Yahoo Account. The change won’t take place immediately, but the rollout is a certainty and the company will ensure that the same is done gradually and in a phased manner. The process has already begun with Yahoo...
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LinkedIn Opens Up its ‘Influencer’ Blogs Feature for All Users

LinkedIn wants all of its 277 monthly active users  to be ‘Influencers’.  The service has announced that it is opening up its publishing platform that was previously only available to “Influencers” like Richard Branson and Conan O’Brien to all members. The company plans to allow all members to pen long form articles using a new tool on its website. At first, articles will only...
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Mozilla To Show Sponsored Content For First Time Firefox Users

In what seems to be a totally unexpected move, Mozilla has announced that they are working on showing sponsored content on Firefox in the coming months. According to a posting on their official blog, the company’s VP of Content Services Darren Herman, the company is looking at launching the Discovery Tile program on the browser soon.When a user starts Firefox for the first time, he is shown the...
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