Indians Lead The Online Content Sharing Scenario: Ipsos Study

India slipped from 112th to 114th in terms of average internet speed this year as compared to last year but there is another trend that offsets this fact; Indians are among the people in the world who share the most content on the internet, both in volume and variety. The survey conducted by Ipsos iterates that nine out of 10 Indians that go online and carry out transactions in one form or another.The...
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Sharing Content From PC To Mobile Now Made Simpler By TextMe, An Indian Web App

‘Sharing’ is the pillar on which many services and apps are based. Every service is being engineered to make the process of sharing content easy and smooth. There is one area where this has been a problem with no ready solution at hand – Sharing from your PC to someone’s phone via SMS! Now, with TextMe, an Indian web app, you can do just that! This simple and clean app helps you send any...
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Content Sharing Deal Between Facebook And MySpace – Can They Make It Work?

Just in the morning, we covered as to how Google stopped the migration of email-id’s from Orkut to Facebook by excluding the email-id’s from the CSV file, in order to preserve the privacy of their consumers. All that meant was that Google doesn’t want its users to go away with Orkut completely. As the statistics speak for themselves, Orkut isn’t doing any good recently and Facebook...
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Rediff has big plans for iShare. Tie-Ups and offline marketing soon

Rediff launched their social content-sharing platform iShare around 2 weeks back and they have real big plans for it. Rediff iShare is basically a one-stop platform where you can ‘share’ all your media content (Photos, Music and Videos). You can view/listen to this ‘shared’ content but are not officially allowed to download it. (Though we had a downloading content guide on...