Create Your Own Toon Personality On Toonix

Did you always wanted to create your own version of Tom and Jerry or maybe Ben10? Here’s a fun and interesting news after a long time, you get to design your own cartoon character. Cartoon Network’s Toonix is inviting kids to create their own cartoon characters.Toonix have 160 million mix and match online combination where kids can create their own character with a hint of their personality....

Zapak And Turner Partner To Expand Cartoon Network’s Online Games

Turner India International has just announced an exclusive partnership with Zapak Digital Network Entertainment. The purpose behind the partnership is to market and distribute Cartoon Networks Multiplayer Online Games. This will include the launch of Ben10 and the new version of Toon Football.Apart from promoting the games on, it will provide support to Ben 10 Omniverse: Rise of the Heroes...
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TV Broadcasters Will Provide Cross-Platform Content In The Near Future

Gone are the days when broadcasters just limit themselves to televisions. Today it has gone on to other media platforms such as mobiles and PCs. This trend is invariably due to the advent of 3G and fast internet broadband connections. And to make the ends meet, the Rs 25,700 crore Indian broadcasting industry is considering diversifying their content delivery platforms. A cross-platform delivery would...
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Cartoon Network Arrives On Mobile – Kids attract VAS players?

Kids will now have a reason to rejoice as they will now be able to view their favourite cartoon characters on mobile phones. Nazara Technologies, Indian VAS player has announced their content sharing tie-up with Cartoon Network to make available their repository on mobiles. The deal will facilitate viewing of kids’ popular cartoon comics like Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo and Dexter on...
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Netizen Toddlers – How Does That Sound?

Two years back when I saw my 9 years old neighbor chatting away on MSN, I was shocked. She also had a profile on Orkut! I didn’t know whether to complaint to her mother or just sigh and think that technology has grown seemingly. I had no clue whether about computers. Well that was then, now, my neighbor has quit using Orkut and is highly active now on Facebook and wondering what’s Twitter! It no...

Canadian Kids Net Savvy At 7 – Where Do Your Kids Stand?

Ipsos Canada, one of the survey-based marketing research firms, in their recent survey found that75% of children in Canada are skillful with the internet at the age of seven. While kids in my neighbourhood are still not done with Cartoon Network and Filmy gupshup. No doubt, a recent survey conducted in India, to see how much do the gooey TV shows influence kids now-a-days. According to the survey,...
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Zapak to Have 500 Gameplexes by 2009. Bets big on Merchandising Revenues

Zapak Digital Entertainment is looking at merchandising as a way to to push growth. The gameplan is to launch merchandise around the various games on offer. It’s not clear if those games will include those developed for Zapak’s partners and affiliates such as Cartoon Network, The Kolkatta Knight Riders, the MTv Roadies Show among others. It seems unlikely.   The merchandise will include bags,...
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Zapak to Offer Games Based on Cartoon Network Characters

Zapak has tied up with Cartoon Network to offer games based on the characters from Cartoon Network. The games will be accessible at Soon, more than 40 games based on the Cartoon Network characters like Johnny Bravo, Code Name Kids Next Door, Dexter’s Laboratory, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed, Edd N Eddy ,will...
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Cartoon network signed video on demand with VSNL

Business Line: Cartoon Network has signed its first video on demand (VOD) deal in India with VSNL. The agreement will enable Tata Indicom Broadband subscribers to watch their favourite (if any) Cartoon Network toons on their PC with just a click of a button. The content, available in both Hindi and English, will be available in over 48 cities across India.  
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