India Fares Rather Poorly In Global Broadband Performance

While we know that the state of broadband internet service in India is not really that great, you can get more insight into the actual broadband performance in the country by comparing it with other countries like Japan, China, South Korea and the US. A recent report from Ookla, titled NetIndex suggests that we might have a long way to go before we get at par with other established countries who have...
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Sistema Shyam Teleservices Gets First Unified License In The Country

Sistema Shyam Teleservices, which runs MTS India has announced that it has received the first Unified Licence in the country. This license is valid for 20 years. The company has got this license for the 8 circles which it won in the March auctions, this year.The unified license is a technology neutral telecom license which allows companies to carry out servicing customer needs pertaining to communication...
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Government Plans To Invest Rs 25,000cr For Broadband Connectivity

In a  bid to install optic- fiber cables to provide broadband connectivity right up to village level by 2015, the Government of India is planning to invest Rs 25,000 cr.Department of Telecommunications (DoT) Secretary M F Farooqui said, “The next big burst of growth will come from data.  That is why the effort is to increase the penetration from the present level of about 15 million broadband...
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TRAI’s Mobile Subscriber Report For April Pegs Total Mobile Subscriptions At 867.02 Million

The TRAI recently released a report which throws some light on the subscription data as of 30th April, 2013. According to the report, India currently has around 867.02 million which has decreased from the figure of 867.80 million. Urban subscriber share in the mobile segment is 60.11%. The rural share of 39.89% and is showing increase in subscription, an indicator of the growing mobile and mobile Internet...
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By 2017, India Will Have 348 Million Internet Users: Cisco

rural India
With fastest internet traffic growth globally, India is expected to have 348 million users by 2017, up from the 138 million in 2012. according to study by networking giant Cisco. The Cisco’s Visuals Networking Index (VNI) forecast (2012-17) says that the Internet traffic in the country is poised to reach 2.5 exabytes per month in 2017, up from the 292 petabytes per month in 2012.Commenting...
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Roadblocks Which Prevents Internet From Being Cheaper

For a large number of Indians, the internet has become a daily life staple. The norm says that anything needed to sustain life (pardon the exaggeration here) must be reasonablly priced and of good quality. Unfortunately for us, the internet services in India fall short on both counts. According to statistics released by Akamai Technologies, India ranks an abysmal 112 in the world in terms of average...
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High Speed Mobile Broadband Is the Key For Higher Revenue Generation Feels Idea Cellular

Mobile Broadband will be the key driver of higher income for mobile companies feels Himanshu Kapania, MD, Idea Cellular Ltd.At present, revenue from mobile broadband sways between US$ 400 – 600 Million (Rs. 22,056 – Rs. 33,084 Million). If customer prioritization is carefully managed a 20 fold growth to US$ 10 Billion can be a reality in mere five years feels the MD. Though India’s mobile population...
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Mobile Search Company Innoz Gets Funding From Seedfund

Innoz, a provider of mobile search engine services has just received its first Venture Capital fund infusion from Seedfund.Set up 4 years back Innoz offers search engine services through a unique number 55444. Mobile subscribers across all major companies can simply send an SMS to this number to search across myriad topics like dictionary, cricket scores, local movie listings, train timings etc....
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BSNL Wants To Link Villages With Optical Fiber; Internet Revolution?

BSNL has initiated work on the National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN) Project & estimates completion within 2 years. BSNL has received Rs. 20,000 crores to establish telecommunication links across all villages in India. The aim is to take e-governance to rural and remote areas. While many are doing the same for profits, BSNL only wants to see India growing!BSNL CMD R.K. Upadhyaya also stated that,...
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Maharashtra Has Highest Number Of Broadband Users: Economic Survey

According to Maharashtra Economic Survey, Maharashtra is one of the leading states in the the country in number of internet users with more than 37 lakh subscribers. The survey was presented in Maharashtra assembly yesterday.The survey showed that Maharashtra has more than 22 lakh broadband subscribers (with speeds equal to 256 kbps or more). This is the highest in the country. India has an estimated...
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