Instagram Releases Branding HandBook For Businesses

instagram book
Major brands are drooling over Instagram as it is one of the best platform that is turning digital likes to decent revenue, according to a study by SumAll in December. Instagram boasts of images and people are less annoyed by ads and promoted content when it looks good, so brands capable of producing attractive images and videos have a good chance of getting positive feedback on the network. The Facebook...
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Google’s Chrome OS Gets A Chromebook & A Chromebox, Courtesy Samsung

Electronic component manufacturer Samsung has launched two hardware iterations running on Google’s Proprietary Chrome OS. While we have been patiently waiting for the Chromebooks to arrive in India since last two years, Samsung has unleashed not one but two options for us to consider.Chromebooks are ultra-portable laptops which run on Google’s Chrome OS. Incorporating almost all the features...
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Want To Make A Book Out Of Your Blog?’s BookSmith Has The Answer

One of the most efficient sources of news today is the internet. Especially for those paparazzi journalists who need to keep a track of a superstar’s whereabouts and so on. Blogs, Twitter accounts and more have helped the media to create a sensation of a normal update by the star himself. This even on a slow news day works. But for some, blogs are not just a medium that helps them communicate...
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Google Can Again Be In Court For Book Search Service

Google may again be in court because of Google Book Search service, Justice Department has started an inquiry on the antitrust settlement with authors and publishers. In 2005 Authors Guild and Association of American Publishers filed a class action against Google. According to the suite Google practice of scanning copyright books from library and using it for Google book Search service is a copyright...
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Read Novels Right On Your Mobile – Via Twitter

   Leading publisher of digital books, DailyLit, has come up with an interesting and a very innovative way of getting the tech geeks hooked onto books. Till date, DailyLit has been making books available to the readers on a pay-per-read basis where the readers could get snippets of their favorite books emailed or as a RSS feed at a pre-scheduled time. Such an arrangement sounds really cool...
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Encyclopedia Of Life Now Goes Online!

Learning is now becoming simpler and easier. With the advanced in technology mock entrance test, IIT lectures on YouTube, knowing your IIT JEE ranking and many such things. Now, Encyclopedia of Life goes online. I remember when I was in school the encyclopedia book set used to be expensive CD’s were available but were limited and hence it was not accessible by all. These books were very interesting...
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