Facebook Rolls Out Election Tracker App

Facebook election tracker
Its a known fact that social media is being used by almost all the political parties. In fact, the latest report from IAMAI and IMRB touted that social media influence may swing 3-4 percent votes. Facebook has been actively used as a communication and promotional platform by these political parties. Last month Facebook had rolled out two compiled lists; Indian Political Parties and Indian Political...
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BJP’s NamoNumber Seeks Voter Information And Participation For Upcoming Elections

A new campaign being exercised via a Mobile Number is urging Voters to come forth with their details and urge others to do so.In the run–up to the Great General Elections of India, the Bhartiya Janata Party or BJP is exploring multiple channels of communication with the latest being an innovative Multi-Level Marketing Campaign. The campaign is expected to generate a reliable list of supporters...
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Google’s Mapathon Contest In Trouble, Again! [Updated]

Google’s Mapathon 2013 has come under the scanner again and this time the contest is attracting police investigation. The Survey of India, the official survey and mapping organisation of the country, has filed complaint against the search engine giant for allegedly breaching India’s defense regulations on mapping. ”Mapathon 2013 activity is likely to jeopardise national security interest...
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Political Parties Are Taking To The Internet And Social Media Ahead Of Gujarat Elections

If the upcoming elections in Gujarat are any indicators of new rise of powers in the new India, Congress too seems to have warmed up to the idea of using social media and web presence as a strong contender for influencing the youth. To close in on the gap, and also to intimidate the presence of BJP (read Modi) in Gujarat and social media – Congress has launched a new online campaign named ‘Join...
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Netcore Sent 60 Crore SMSes For BJP During Elections! – Did Intrusive Marketing Hurt BJP?

We were attending IAMAI’s Digital convergence event at Welingkars on Saturday and Abhijit Saxena CEO of Netcore stated a statistic which baffled us. He stated that they had partnered with BJP during the recent elections and sent over 60 crore smses to people! Wow 60 crore is huge by any standard!Lets put the economics of this number into perspective: 60 crore smses at even 5 paisa per sms...

BJP Promises Internet/Tech Enabled Future To Garner Voters Support

Well the Lok Sabha Polls are nearing and the time for politician promises and rally for support have started. One interesting move by BJP which is probably running the most web/social media oriented campaign has been the announcement of promises regarding tech enabling the future of India. It has released an IT vision document in which it has stated what it believes can be achieved if BJP comes to...

Political Party LOKSATTA launches an Orkut Application

Political Parties are finally waking up to concept of Social Media and the Web. Its not just Advani (BJP) or the Congress but AP based Loksatta are the latest ones to jump on the Social Media bandwagon by releasing an application on Orkut.Created by corners.in, the application is definitely not the best one around. 4 advertising units on the app make you wonder as to what they want to achieve. They...
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Social Media In Politics: Congress To Take On BJP’s Online Strategy

As most people know BJP was going pretty aggressive with its online campaign for the upcoming elections and also positioning its Prime Minister Candidate Mr.L.K Advani as the next Prime minister through blog, twitter and online ads across the online world. BJP has been so aggressive with its online marketing that its ads are even running on what one would call objectionable sites.Looking at this...
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Advani Does An Obama – Leveraging Online Media For Political Success

It seems copying the west is a trend that works across segments as far as India is concerned. So whether its bollywood or politics India seems to be taking a leaf out of strategies played out by the western world. This is true in the case of LK Advani’s campaign for the upcoming elections. The 81 year old seasoned politician seems to be aping Obama’s strategy of leveraging online and social...

WATRoundup – WAT’s 5 Best Posts of the Week – June, 9 – 15. Also Birthday Wishes For The Week!

 Today, WATBlog comes up with a new section, “WATRoundup“, a weekly feature of best 5 posts that had been posted on WATBlog and has been most voted as the best mix of entertainment, education, information and engagement by WATMembers. Here comes the list of best 5 articles of the past week -   5.  10 Ways to be Dugg on Digg  -  This one is a very nifty post by a brilliant student...