Microsoft Rolls Out Bing Redesign For Android And iOS

Microsoft has updated its Bing app for Android and iOS with a bunch of cool features. “We have been hard at work updating our apps for iOS and Android. Today we are proud to announce major redesigns of the iPad and Android Bing apps”, the company announced in a blog post.For starters, Bing for Android breathes a fresh UI along with a cool feature to set Bing daily image as your Android...
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Microsoft Teams Up With Klout To Add Snapshots In Bing Search Results

In a bid to help people manage their online presence, Microsoft’s Bing has joined hands with Klout to create Bing Personal Snapshots. For those who are unaware of Klout, it is a website and mobile app that uses social media analytics to rank its users according to online social influence via the “Klout Score”, which is a numerical value between 1 and 100. It has become a much more...
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Google Introduces New Logo And Revamped Navigation Bar Search Page

It seems that all the tech firms have been bitten by the makeover bug. After Yahoo and Bing, Google is also breathing fresh look with a ‘flat’ logo. “As part of this design, we’ve refined the color palette and letter shapes of the Google logo”, said Google in a company blog post.  You have to take a close look in order to understand the difference between the old and new...
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Bing Adorns New Look With Refreshed Logo

Bing new logo
Microsoft’s search engine Bing is following Yahoo’s footsteps and getting a new logo. The software giant has debuted a revamped logo for Bing along with a refreshed user interface. Bing’s redesigned logo replaces its current curvy blue image for a design more closely-aligned to Microsoft’s existing products. “Bing is now an important service layer for Microsoft, and we...
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Microsoft’s Bing For Schools Takes On Google With Ad-Free Search

Microsoft is taking its search and productivity battle with Google to the classroom after having failed to displace the search giant  in the consumer internet space. The company has announced its Bing For School programme which seeks to introduce Microsoft’s search and other productivity products to young children. They hope that this will be a gateway to get loyal users. Looks like a long term...
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Microsoft Brings Four Bing Apps To Windows Phone 8

bing news
Microsoft is striving hard to increase Windows Phone 8 share in the global OS market and is therefore involved rigorously in increasing app offerings on Windows Store. The software giant has launched four Bing Apps- Bing News, Sports, Weather and Finance to its Windows Phone 8 platform. These apps were first introduced by Microsoft on Windows 8 desktop platform in October. ”The apps provide...
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Microsoft Opens Up Bing & Offers New APIs for Its Maps, Voice & OCR

Technology giant Microsoft is apparently showing signs of lowering defenses for its closely guarded products & allowing developers a more intimate experience with its inner workings. What are the company’s goodwill gestures? Bing has always been Microsoft’s answer to Google’s search. However, despite being a powerful algorithm in itself, Google’s offering has been far more popular &...
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Microsoft Demos Improvements To Bing Voice Recognition App

Microsoft has shared video of what was a confidential, employee-only demonstration of new voice search capabilities in its Bing app for Windows Phones. The software giant’s research department (MSFTKitchen) has demonstrated a prototype version of a faster, more accurate and more intelligent version of the app, scheduled for launch in near future.According to the company the new Bing Voice search...
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Pinterest Unveils Data Analytic Tool For Businesses, Gears Up For Monetization

Pinterest, the popular social scrap-booking site has started rolling out data analytic tool for businesses. The new tool will show businesses  how many visitors it delivers to their websites, reports Reuters.This new tool will also give further insight about user activities on Pinterest like number of people pinning from a site or number of views each pin has received and so on. Should be...
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Mobile Searches Trump Those From PC, Drives Traffic: Adobe

The cellular phone was always a powerful, revolutionary tool. Add the internet to the mobile phone and you didn’t have to be a research analyst to say it was a combination that could shake things up.  Search companies like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing have seen consistent Year on Year growth. As the internet grew more accessible, people grew more and more reliant on Search in their...
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