LinkedIn Rolls Out Apps For Recruiters And Employers

In a bid to connect recruiters to job seekers seamlessly, LinkedIn has unveiled two apps - Mobile Work With Us and Recruiter Mobile. Mobile Work With Us lets employers stick job openings at the top of employees’ profiles and Recruiter Mobile is designed to help recruiters interact more easily with job seekers.The Recruiter Mobile is a mobile version of LinkedIn recruiter that is already present...
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Instagram Acquires HD Video App Luma

In a bid to enhance its video offerings, Instagram has acquired HD video creation and sharing app Luma. Formerly known as Midnox, Luma created an app that offers several features, such as video-capture, stabilization and sharing.  “We’re excited to announce that we have been acquired by Instagram”, Luma confirmed in a company blog post.The financial terms of the deal are not disclosed...
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Google Play Proves Mobile Gaming Is More Profitable Than Dedicated Gaming Systems

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Google Play Store has climbed to rank  No. 2 Spot in revenues according to a report by IDC and App Annie. But what is more important is that the climb is due its climbing revenues from the purchase of the Gaming related content. Android has seen massive adoption rate over the last year. Leveraging this continually growing demographic of Android smartphone wielding population Google managed to...
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MEA’s Passport App Tops Apple App Store India Charts In Less Than 24 Hours

Well this might a bit hard to believe, but less than 24 hours after its launch, ‘MEAIndia’ app has topped the India charts of the App Store. The app which was launched by India’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) yesterday to ease the process of passport application, has topped apps charts in the free category, India section.The app has been well received and the average user ratings...
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Google Play Store Crosses 50 Billion App Downloads, Daily Android Activation Hits 1.5 Million

App downloads on the Google Play Store has crossed the 50 billion mark, Google CEO Larry Page announced during company’s earnings call. He revealed that more than 1.5 million Android devices are being activated each day, up from 1.3 million last September. The company also announced that there were more than 900 million Android devices worldwide. The new milestone for the web giant follows...
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Real Steel from Jump Games makes its way to Top 10 Apple iTunes Chart.

Real Steel was a big hit in India when it was released last October. Fighting matches between robots can be good fun. Now, how do you take this movie experience further? This is where the Real Steel game app comes in. Real Steel the iOS game from Jump Games has kept fans of the movie still addicted and wanting for more. Jump Games is a game development company owned by Reliance Entertainment’s Digital...
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Chandamama Goes Digital With Chandamama Apps

The never ending stories of Vikramaditya and betal (wise king & witty ghost) has brought huge recognition to Chandamama magazines. These stories were derived from ancient Sanskrit work known as Betala Panchvimshati, and they were featured as a television serial for many years.With the penetration of technology and digital media, Chandamama have now announced their endeavor into digital medium...
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Mobile Research Firm Says Android Predicted to Overthrow Apple App Store

In a recently released report by Research2Guidance, researcher Egle Mikalajunaite has graphically compared the number of Apps in the Apple App Store and the Android Market. With a lot of high profile App releases in the past few months the Android Market is certainly achieving significant momentum.The graph starts from the start of 2010 to present day on recorded statistics, after which it goes...
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Google Voice App For iPhone Launched

Google has officially launched the Google Voice for iPhone app. This iPhone app would continue to provide all the major Google Voice Features like – Cheap international calling, Free text messaging to U.S. numbers, Voicemail transcription, Displaying a Google Voice number as caller ID when making calls, etc. In addition to these features, the app would also enable:Push Notifications: App will...
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Android Market reaches 100,000 Apps, Apple still far ahead!

This tweet, from Android Developers’ official twitter account would bring a lot of joy to all Android aficionados and Apple haters out there. The Android Market reached an impressive tally of 1 Lakh Applications. The actual numbers for the Android Market have been an area of confusion, with the world having to rely on unofficial estimates from the likes of Androlib. The veracity of which is always...
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