Nimbuzz Partners With US Based Amobee For Global Ad Inventory Solution

Nimbuzz has partnered with US based company, Amobee to take care of its global ad inventory according to a report in TechCircle. Nimbuzz has 100+ million users around the world out of which roughly 17 million users come from India. Nimbuzz moved its operations from the Netherlands to India because they felt that becoming an Indian company was a more relevant in terms of future growth, since Nimbuzz...
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Google’s Efforts To Analyze & Eliminate Reasons For Slower Page Loads That Affects Business

Google has taken it upon themselves to analyze & eliminate the reasons for slower page loads that indirectly affect business.Every time a visitor to a web-page is waiting for the page to load, precious time is being wasted, Google hasĀ realized thisĀ & wants to reduce the time of waiting for the web-page to load. The websites which takes about 9.2 Seconds to load (US). Google wants to bring...
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SingTel Wants Amobee; Willing To Pay US$ 321 Million For Mobile Advertising.

SingTel, Singapore Telecommunications Ltd has expressed desire to buy mobile advertising solutions firm Amobee Inc. for US$ 321 Million.US based Amobee offers mobile advertising services to operators, publishers and advertisers globally. With a customer base of over 400 Million in 25 Countries, it will be SingTel first major overseas investment since 2007. Despite the buy-out, SingTel, plans for...
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The first half of this year has seen some real action in the mobile advertising space. And we have been keeping tab on most of it. Just a couple of days back we had a post on the potential of mobile advertising. Where we mentions both biggies airtel and tata looking at this space. We have also been keeping a tab on the activity by startups like mginger, webaroo and others like in...
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