Spuul Launches Indian Content Streaming Service; What’s The Big Deal?

Singapore based Spuul Pvt Ltd has launched a Video Streaming service that offers Indian Content.The race to offer premium video content has begun quite some time ago. Though Yahoo entered a bit late, the space was first explored by Youtube which began by hosting Hindi movies & TV shows. Later many companies began to offer their versions of Video Streaming services. So, what makes Spuul...
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Mobile Internet v/s T.V Viewing & Desktop: Infographic By InMobi

In the year 2007, a detailed comprehensive survey  were carried on in 12 countries (including India) which stated that more than 7,600 young people between the ages of 16 – 29 shows that 77% will prefer staying without T.V than internet. Mobile Ad Network, InMobi recently conducted conducted similar survey which revealed that consumers spend 27% of their media time on mobile, compared to 22% on...
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Exploitation Of Trust; A Major Worry For FaceBook. To Fight SPAM With Law!

Been seeing a lot of links to obscene or vulgar videos supposedly posted by your friends on Facebook & felt they were SPAM? Well Yes they are & Facebook along with Washington DC are trying to win this battle against such “Spammers”. Adscend Media LLC is at the receiving end of a law-suite filed jointly by Facebook as well the state of Washington. The law-suite is filed to obtain an injunction...
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Google Could Score A Cool $ 5.8 Billion From Mobiles Alone. Time To Shift Focus?

Google’s Ad revenue from Mobiles alone could come close to US$ 6 Billion reveals a new research from Cowen. Jim Friedland, an analyst with Cowen speculates that Google generates about US$ 7 per Phone and Tablet per year through the search and display advertising last year. These advertisements are displayed in mobile apps on both Android and iOS (iPhones and iPads) & also alongside search...
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Mobile Ad Network Vserv Eyes Emerging Markets. To Open Operations In Singapore

Mumbai-based mobile ad network Vserv is planning to setup office in Singapore by February end.Adserv offers AdWrapper which comes in handy to insert advertisements into a developer’s mobile application. We had recently witnessed something similar for videos.  The platform is vital even for low end phones connected merely through GPRS  / EDGE & not the flailing 3G. The strength of Vserv’s...
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Media Ads Introduced In Search Results: Destroying Sanctity Of Search?

Google India, in association with Star TV network has introduced Media Ads. or advertisements displayed prominently on top of your search results. Unlike other video formats Media Ads is an exclusive format designed to put video ads front and center. Recently, Google tested multiple ad platforms & chose this especially for  the rechristened Star One, now called as Life OK.A unique aspect is...
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Bidding War For Mobile Ads By AdIQuity

India based Guruji.com has announced the opening of first of its kind in Asia, Real Time Bidding (RTB) Ad Exchange for Mobile Ads through its venture AdIQuity. A statement from AdIQuity claims it can currently transact 7+ Billion ads per month with more than 1200 publishers, in 220+ countries from APAC, US, Europe and Africa.The success of AdIQuity’s RTB platform lies in its complex algorithm...
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A New SDK From ADTECH To Ease In – App Advertisement

Software Development Kits (SDK) are not new. Companies like Google release them for Android & Apple for iOS, but when an ad serving company releases one, it should make news. Following BuzzCity’s footsteps, ADTECH (nothing to do with Ad:Tech), a leading provider of ad serving technology and part of the AOL Advertising.com Group, announced a new SDK for mobile applications for both iOS and Android...
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Now Twitter Is Feeding Us With Top News In Its Real Time Search

After assuring us about “Data Liberation”, Twitter has gone ahead with highlighting a link labeled as “Top news” or a profile labeled “Top people” at the top of its real-time search results.For a small percentage of users, searching for a topic such as “Nariman Point” or a hashtag such as “#WatBlog” returns a link to a news story at the top of the page in addition to the usual...
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