Airtel Clocks 0.5 Million 3G Users In A Month

Its just been a month since Airtel started rolling out 3G services across various cities. After launching in Chennai and Bangalore on Thursday India’s largest telco rolled out the 3G services in the capital city of Delhi as well.To make sure the depth of coverage is good across cities Airtel has rolled out 4,500 sites across the seven cities and 1,800 sites in Delhi. Airtel seems very upbeat...
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3G Rollout Will See Telcos Working Together To Maximize Coverage

In India’s almost cut throat telecom sector it isn’t very often you see too many Telecom companies working together. All thanks to the 3G spectrum auction, now they pretty much do not have a choice. Of the 6 private companies that participated no one was able to secure a pan India 3G license. And only 2 have already started 3G services – Tata and Reliance, while Airtel, which was...
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WATShow With Kumar Ramanathan Of Vodafone Essar On 3G In India

We caught up with CMO of Vodafone Essar Mr. Kumar Ramanathan and questioned him on the opportunity posed by 3G in the Indian market. Watch the exclusiv e WATShow below with him.. httpv:// Watch More such videos on
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3G Rollout Is Docomo’s Diwali Gift To Subscribers

The wait for 3G services has been long and painful one. With multiple delay’s in the auction and then finally a big bang auction with huge fees paid for licences. Even after the auctions got over it was being said that it would take most players a year or so to rollout the services. Well atleast one player has taken the initiative to announce its 3G launch earlier. Tata DoCoMo, the GSM unit of...

3G To Penetrate Rural India By 2012

The recent 3rd generation (3G) spectrum auction totaled a whooping Rs 67710 crore, much against the government expected Rs. 35000 crore. With its services starting post September 2010, a new era awaits the mobile users with faster and robust internet and better access to data services including E-Commerce, Telemedicine and Social Networking.With World Bank extremely positive with the growth effect...
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3G Auction Ends (Finally!) – Government Grosses 67,719 Crore!

Auction for 3G licence ended Today with bids reaching Rs 16,751 crore which means that the total revenue for government is pegged at Rs 67,719 crore. We have expressed our concerns earlier on how this could mean a higher cost to be paid by the end subscriber for availing 3G services.Delhi vs Mumbai Battle The delhi vs Mumbai battle for the most valuable circle was finally won by Delhi even though...

3G Crosses 12,000 Crore Mark – Govt Set To Gross 50,000+ Crore From Auctions

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the 3G auctions are worth its weight in gold for the Government. This is because the ongoing auctions have broken all assumptions and metrics which we spoken about before the auctions began.Here is the latest on the 3G auctions. On its 25th Day the 3G auctions crossed the 12,000 crore mark to register bid price for a national licence to Rs 12,851. Now all circles...
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3G Auction Bids Cross 2 Billion $ – Auction End Nears

The 3G auction has worked out better than expected for the Government. Not only have the bids gone up with each round of bidding its looking like the overall collections would easily exceed government expectation. The last round of bidding which took place on thursday i.e. yesterday took the bidding beyond 2 billion $ i.e. 9000 crores. The value of 3G spectrum moved up to Rs 9,330 crore.Mumbai which...
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Mumbai Overtakes Delhi In 3G Auction Race

The bids seem to be going higher and higher each day as the 3G aution unfolds in the country. At the end of day 14 Mumbai had overtaken Delhi with the bids reaching a total of  Rs 1,252 crore for Mumbai vis a vis  Rs 1,209 crore for Delhi. This is almost 4 times the original base price of both these cities which is pegged at 320 crore.As stated earlier the bids are surely going to make the Government...
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3G Bidding Reach Dizzy Heights – Delhi – Mumbai In The Fray

Saturday took the 3G bidding to a dizzy height. The bidding reached Rs 7,900 crore at the end of bidding on Saturday which is more than double the initial base price of Rs 3,500 crore which was set at the start of the bidding on 9th of April. The bidding amounts have scaled over 76 rounds of bidding which have taken over 13 days to be complete.We blogged about the highest increase in the bidding...
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