Microsoft’s Now Has Web Apps For PowerPoint, Word, Excel, OneNote And Others

Microsoft has updated to offer web apps for Microsoft Office products such as Excel, Powerpoint, Word and will feature all the Office Productivity Apps that made Microsoft famous like MS Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, Calendar and Excel. Additionally, it will also feature e–mail platform Outlook, contact management service People as well as recently rechristened Virtual...
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India’s Software Exports Surges By 37% To 3.41 lakh Crores: RBI

Indian tech and software industry have been growing well, but last year was particularly good for the segment.Software related products and IT enabled services registered an impressive growth of 37% on an Year on Year Basis. During the financial year 2012–2013, the segment conducted business worth 3.14 Lakh Crores (US$ 62.6 Billion), found the apex Bank; Reserve Bank of India (RBI), “India’s...
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TransferWise Enters India, Aims To Disrupt International Currency Exchange

Started by two Estonian IT experts, online Currency Trading Platform TransferWise is about to officially set foot in India.Global internet platform TransferWise, which coordinates currency exchanges between individuals, had recently started offering the Indian Currency, Rupee for exchange with multiple foreign currencies. Started in 2011, the company is already proving a tough rival to Banks as the...
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Game4u Expands Operations To Singapore and Malaysia

Videogame products e-tailer Game4u has kick started operations in the global market with Singapore and Malaysia. The company which is a part of Milestone Interactive Group,  said that foraying into the Southeast Asia market is a strategic move towards becoming a leading global online retailer of videogames.“PC gaming is popular in South-East Asia and we have taken a big step towards achieving...
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Crowdfunding Portal Kickstarter Hacked, User Data Stolen

Crowd–funding platform Kickstarter was a victim of organized hacking and the hackers have managed to lay hands on user data.Confirming the news via a Blog Post, Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickler said that hackers accessed usernames, email addresses, phone numbers and passwords. In somewhat reassuring manner, the passwords were encrypted, shared Strickler, “Actual passwords were not revealed,...
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The Walt Disney Company Announces Its Start-up Accelerator Program

The Walt Disney Company has launched its startup accelerator program. Dubbed as Disney Accelerator, it will be a three-month mentorship and seed-stage investment program that is powered by Techstars. The accelerator will accept 10 startups, provide each with a seed investment of $120,000 and offer “mentor support” from Disney’s CEO and other executives from the company and the...
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AmEx Invests In CRM Provider Capillary Technologies

American Express Ventures has invested in Bangalore based Capillary Technologies.A provider of Retail Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Capillary Technologies has secured its Series B Funding reportedly worth US$ 4 Million from American Express Ventures, the venture capital arm of American Express. Coincidentally, this is Amex’s first investment in an Indian Company. Interestingly,...
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Kaspersky Formulates Advisory Board For Developing Insights Into Global IT Security

Kaspersky, one of the leading Security Software and Solutions provider has formulated an Advisory Board with experts.In order to facilitate development of Insights and Strategies to combat growing threats, Kaspersky has setup an Advisory Board which comprises Global Experts including Howard Schmidt, Bruce Schneier and India’s Latha Reddy. The newly established body will conduct its first–ever...
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comScore Technology To Be Infused In Google’s DoubleClick Ad Service

In what could be one of the most potent partnerships, search giant Google will synergize with research and analytics company comScore.Google and comScore have jointly announced they would offer precise and timely Data about Visual Impact of Advertising. Google is clearly trying to encourage Big Brands to join its Advertising Program and comScore’s Data could be the ticket to propel the adoption...
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Twitter’s Transparency Report Reveals Spike In Indian Government’s Data Removal Mandates

Demands about Account Information and Data Removal Requests have jumped for Twitter from the Indian Government.As per the latest Transparency Report released by Twitter that reveals how the Social Media is perceived by the Governments of various nations, India appears to be increasingly seeking information about Twitter Accounts. Indian Government made about 19 Information Requests for Twitter Accounts...
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