The Most Lucrative Segment Today Is Mobile Ads With 300% Growth In 2013 Alone

Having registered an astonishing growth of more than 300%, the Mobile Advertising segment has emerged to be one of the most profitable of segments.As per the latest Android Ad Insights for the third Quarter of 2013, by AppFlood, a cross-promotion platform for trading mobile traffic, the revenue generated from mobile advertising increased 332% within these 3 months alone! Needless to say, this segment...
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Lenovo’s Profits Jump 36% As It Registers 100% Growth In Smartphones And Tablets

The largest Personal Computer (PC) maker, Lenovo Group has registered a phenomenal growth in the smartphone and tablet segment. The company posted a very healthy 36% Jump in Quarterly Profits. The dynamic revision of the revenue sources from PC to Portable Computing, marks a pivotal point for the company and should serve as a strong reminder as to where the future of Lenovo lies.Lenovo making strong...
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Twitter Has Finally Gone Public; Valued At $31.8 Billion

After many days of speculation and rising interest, Twitter has finally gone public. The IPO (at the time of writing) has gone really well for the company, with the stock opening at $45.10 on 11 million shares, a 73.5% increase on the initial price of $26 which was set by the social network. Based on stock trading at that price, Twitter has achieved a valuation of $31.8 billion, a notable increase...
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Just Dial Doubles Quarterly Profit And Plans To Connect Local Merchants With Customers Via Price Discovery Engine

Online–Cum–Telephone based Classifieds and Business Directory Services portal, run by Mumbai based company of the same name, has reported an astounding 98% jump in Net Profit for the 3rd Quarter ended September 30th2013. The company has shared multiple highlights of itself as well as viability of such a multi–platform approach.The finances of JustDial appear highly optimistic as...
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Quikr Scales Up And Now Its Non-Advertising Revenue Generation Techniques Outpace Ads

Online Ad and Crowd–sourced Classifieds Listing portal, operated by Mumbai-based Quikr India Pvt. Ltd., has now started to make serious inroads in the proactive business generation techniques.As per latest update from the company, is now making more than 50% of its revenue from Paid Services like Premium Listings for users as well as Lead Generation Services for businesses....
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Twitter Sets IPO Price Range At $17 To $20

On the road to Twitter’s IPO in the first week of November, the company has been making sure that it doesn’t face the issue that Facebook faced when it went public. The company has announced that it will be setting the IPO price range between $17 to $20 and will offer 70 million shares. An addition 10.5 million shares could be available depending on the actions of the underwriters. On the higher...
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Blackberry Reaches Out To Cisco, SAP And Google For Preliminary Buyout Deals

Blackberry’s dwindling fortunes have been the news since a year now and it was only recently that the company changed its strategy after their new platform failed to take off. The company has put itself up for sale and has even reached a preliminary buyout deal with Fairfax Financial Holdings valuing the company for $4.7 billion, a far cry from previous valuations of the company in better times....

Samsung’ Latest Fiscal Quarter Estimates Show A $ 9.4 Billion Profit

Samsung has announced a guidance report for its earning in the latest fiscal quarter. The guidance report is an estimate of the financial earnings of the company and not actual figures. That being said, it seems that the company is on track towards making a record profit this quarter.The report says that Samsung is expecting a total revenue of $53.9 billion. The profit being estimated on this revenue...
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Facebook Ensures Financial Liquidity With A $ 6.5 Billion Revolving Credit From JP Morgan

Facebook has signed-up with JP Morgan Chase Bank for a ‘Revolving Credit’ Facility worth US$ 6.5 Billion. The deal inked last week allows the social media company to utilize funds from the Chase Bank’s coffers to cover its capital expenditure and few other similar purposes. Facebook confirmed the same in an official filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC),“On August 15,...
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Facebook Has 82 Million Monthly Active Users In India

The social network has revealed some stats of about its user base in the country. The number of monthly active users (MAU) of Facebook in India has shot up by 5 per cent to 82 million for this year’s April-June period. India had 78 MAU at the end of the first quarter (Jan -March) of 2013 as compared to 71 million in December 2012.Kevin D’souza, Country Growth Manager, Facebook India said,...
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