Haptik Attempting To Simplify Customer Support Through Instant Messaging Platform

Mumbai based Haptik has launched an app of the same name which attempts to connect customers with customer support via instant messaging. The startup launched the App for iOS as well as Android and claims to have already got about 100 brands onboard. The app plans to give Indian ‘Customer Support’ a complete makeover by letting users chat with experts and get help with customer support issues,...
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Hacked Social Media Accounts More Valuable Than Stolen Credit Card Details: RAND and Juniper Report

The Digital World is now the preferred target for hackers as compromised Social Media Accounts have become more profitable than stolen Credit Card details.A report titled ‘Markets for Cybercrime Tools and Stolen Data’ compiled by National Security Research Division (RAND) and commissioned by Juniper Networks has highlighted a unique development wherein hacked Social Media accounts are more valuable...
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GradeStack Secures Series A Funding From Times Internet

Delhi based GradeStack has secured funding from Times Internet Limited (TIL).Though the funding amount hasn’t been disclosed, it is expected to be utilized to extend the marketing efforts and add more content developers and publishers, besides expanding scope of the platform. Started merely a year back, this is GradeStack’s second round of funding. The company managed to raise Rs. 10 Lakh in...
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Unexplored iOS 7 Features Used By FireChat Allows Instant Messaging Without Internet Connectivity

A new iOS 7 app, FireChat is being eagerly downloaded from Apple’s App Store as it allows instant messaging between phones without the need of a Data Pack or raking-up SMS charges too.The FireChat app has already become very popular, but its backend framework wasn’t possible until the latest iOS Operating System, iOS 7 was released. FireChat makes use of the Multipeer Connectivity Framework and...
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Tata Docomo Adds WiFi Connectivity To Kolkata Buses

Tata Docomo has added WiFi (Wireless Internet) connectivity on Buses in Kolkata.The unified telecom brand of Tata Teleservices has announced this Pilot Project on select routes of Buses plying on Kolkata’s roads. The usage is free initially. Presently, people will be able to identify the buses with WiFi Connectivity owing to the extensive branding on the exterior. 2 routes; Airport- Tollygunge...
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Solaron Raises Funding From Indian Angel Network

Solaron, a Big Data based Rating Agency, is in final stages of raising funding from Indian Angel Network (IAN).Bangalore based Solaron Sustainability Services Pvt Ltd could soon raise, as yet undisclosed amount in funding from IAN. The funds are said to assist the company in hiring new talent and expand overseas, preferably in the United Kingdom (UK). Solaron co-founder Vipul Arora has confirmed...
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Twitter To Launch Ad Product For App Makers

Micro blogging network Twitter is planning to release a new Mobile Advertising product meant for App Developers to enhance exposure of their creations.Twitter will soon release an advertising platform meant exclusively for Mobile App Makers. The platform is intended to further increase the awareness of the apps and encourage smartphone users to download and use them. The already experimented platform...
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eBay Gets Ready To Welcome Small Traders Who Are Against FDI In India

Online Marketplace eBay is all set to welcome multitude of small retailers into its foray.Micro and Small physical retailers who had been openly opposed to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) have jointly decided to choose eBay as their platform to host their e–Shops. eBay could be in for a huge surprise as the country presently holds more than 6 Crore anti–FDI retailers, many of whom are quite eager...
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Google Offers A Live Trending Map Of India’s Politicians In Revamped Elections Page

Google has offered a newly reworked Elections Page for the Great General Elections soon to be held in India.Significantly extending the ‘Pledge to Vote’ campaign that the search giant exercised recently, Google has revamped the core Elections Page and has come–up with nifty Live Trending features that offer an instant glimpse about popular politicians. The new Elections Page is now a more vibrant...
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Awaaz Takes On The VoIP Market With Innovative Call Routing

Awaaz is attempting to revolutionize the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market with innovative call authoring and routine techniques.Developed by Anuj Jain, Awaaz App is a clever amalgamation of mobile number authentication as well as internet based call routing to offer a simplistic calling solution to the end–user, while saving on the call–costs. How does Awaaz work? The most rudimentary...
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