ixigo’s Revamped Trip Planner Has Google Street View To Offer Pre–Trip Visuals

ixigo has given a makeover to its Trip Planning product and integrated Google’s Street View to enhance appeal of the destinations.Online Travel Agent (OTA) ixigo has tweaked its Travel Planner and attempted to infuse more travel related visual content as well as Social features. Additionally, the platform now has other important features like location–based searches, user–ratings as well as...
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Facebook And Google Dominate Global Mobile Ad Spend: eMarketer

mobile ad spend emarketer 20131
Facebook and Google continued to be responsible for the amplifying global mobile ad spending. The latest report from eMarketer has revealed that Google still reigns when it comes to mobile ads as the internet giant grabbed 49.3% of the total share a small drop from 52.6 per cent in 2012. Facebook on the other hand had an impressive 2013, growing its share of the mobile ad market to 17.5% from 5.4%...
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Affle Redefines Ad2C To Ad2Campaign To Take On Additional Mobile Ad Management Duties

Digital Media and Associated Mobile Promotions Company Affle has attempted to redefine its ad2c business and re–launched the same as ad2campaign.Affle has launched its revamped ad2campaign platform that will attempt to build on the earlier iteration and add newer features to Mobile Marketing enhanced by Big Data parameters. Ad2campaign will go beyond the present crop of Mobile Advertising platforms...
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CueLinks Wants To Ease Affiliate Marketing Woes With An Organized Platform

CueLinks has introduced an organized method to reap benefits of Affiliate Marketing.Jimish Jobanputra, co-founder and CTO of Parity Cube (which operates DesiDime.com), has launched CueLinks, specifically to address the growing, but uncertain Affiliate Marketing segment. The company will attempt to ensure smaller publishers steadily gain from their publications through Affiliate Marketing, shared...
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Twitter Testing Tweets From ‘Fave People’, Offering Separate Timeline

Micro blogging platform Twitter is testing a new technique that consists of allowing users to view Tweets only from their ‘Favorite’ people in a separate timeline.Called the ‘Fave People’ timeline, Twitter is trying to offer users the freedom to view tweets only from people they have marked as ‘favorite’. The tweaked timeline isn’t out publicly yet, but Twitter Testers have confirmed...
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ShopClues Forays Into Wholesale

Online Shopping portal ShopClues has launched a Wholesale Marketplace.Attempting to break into the Wholesale trade and offering an online platform for the activity, ShopClues has launched a Marketplace exclusively for Wholesale traders and buyers. The company hopes that this marketplace will attract sellers who have been hereto merely using the platform to advertise, to actually list their merchandise...
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WhatsApp CEO Sets The Record Straight With Respect To Data Collection And Privacy

WhatsApp Founder and CEO Jan Koum has dispelled doubts about escalation of Data Collection post the platform’s acquisition by Facebook.CEO Jan Koum on Monday assured the world via an official blog post titled “Setting The Record Straight” that the internet based mobile instant messaging platform won’t start collecting more data about its users now that it has been acquired by Social Media...
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Pinterest Introduces A New Gifts Feed

The team over at Pinterest has announced a new Gifts feed on the website. According to the official blog, it is a work in progress and will see more updates in the future.This Gifts feed differs from regular pinterest feeds as it exclusively showcases products along with additional information such as Pricing, Availability and where users can buy them. This is done with the intention of making it...
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Facebook Will Roll Out 15 Second Video Ads in Your News Feed Soon

Facebook has been planning the launch of mobile ads for a long time now. The social network announced last year in October that it will introduce video ads on mobile apps. Then in December, a Wall Street Journal report stated that Facebook will launch the video ad feature on December 19th, but the ads were not launched at that time. Today, Facebook has announced in its blog post that video ads will...
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Gaadi.com Launches Videos Section For Auto Enthusiasts

Online Auto research portal Gaadi.com has launched a revamped Videos Page for cars and bikes enthusiasts.Gaadi.com, which claims to offer news and specifications of cars and bikes of all make, model and sizes has revamped and launched its own Videos Page. The sub–section of the site will now feature more coverage of news feed, new launches, reviews, etc. What does the revamp feature? Gaadi.com...
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