Apps, The Future Of Car Infotainment Systems

car infotainment
The reach of gadgets and devices isn’t restricted to smartphones and laptops anymore, but it has also found its way into car infotainment systems. This new, and not much explored vista, has been facilitated by the use of apps, internet, and faster processors. Now, car manufacturers are keen to cash in on this front to make sure that driving takes a turn for a better experience. Car infotainment...
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The Rise Of The Phablet

Smartphone manufacturers have taken the doctrine of “Bigger is better” a bit too seriously, considering that the gigantic screen sized smartphones are increasingly piquing the interest of the consumers. These super-sized smartphones were treading the line between a smartphone and a tablet. With its rather strange moniker “Phablet”, these devices have created a market where none...
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Why An Integrated OS Across All Devices Makes Sense

Integrated OS
There is no dearth of claims and facts as to how technology has shaped the way we lead our lives, so much so that the plethora of devices and gadgets around us have become our signatures and extensions. The phenomenal rise in the popularity of the smartphone, coupled with the boost received in digital media and content has given impetus to people spending more time online. In this data centric time,...
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Coursera Set To Usher In New Revenue Sources, But Concentrates On Increasing Quality Content

Which website had more than a million users after being four months in business, a growth rate higher than Facebook or Twitter in their earlier days? The answer, pleasantly, is the mammoth online educational company, Coursera, the brainchild of two Stanford professors, Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng. This immensely popular website offers free online courses, over 200 of them, with video lectures and assignments...
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Nvidia Launches Next Generation SoC, Tegra 4

Nvidia, a household name in the gaming industry, and a fairly new entrant into the SoC market, has just unveiled its latest offering in the form of Tegra 4 at the press conference at the international CES. This chip is touted to the world’s fastest mobile processor, packing in a phenomenal punch in performance while keeping the battery life long. The Tegra 4 is meant to power smartphones, tablets,...
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Social Media vs Traditional Media – It’s Best To Take The Middle Road

Digital media background concept
The inquisitiveness of mortals has long been responsible for the incessant thirst of news, ranging from serious political and social causes to celebrity parties. The medium of dissemination of news although, has undergone quite a drastic change. Traditional media like newspapers, magazines, TV and radio are making way for social media and networking websites.The number of people becoming aware of...
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IRCTC On An Expansion Track; Will Become A Full-Fledged Online Travel Agency

Think about railway ticket bookings and the first thing that pops up in mind is Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corp. Ltd. (IRCTC). With a legacy of providing catering and e-ticketing solutions to the Indian Railways, IRCTC has carved out a special brand for itself. But, with a number of pitfalls plaguing it recently,  it has now decided to revamp its portfolio and go for the big fish by becoming...
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Docomo Woos Customers With VAS Activation Via Twitter

One of the main reasons for the resonating success of Tata Docomo was due to its competitive pricing and customer service across various social media platforms. Featuring itself high up in the NM Incite’s Social Media Brand Equity Ranking, it has offered a plethora of Value Added Services (VAS) to entice the customers. Now, it has come up with yet another innovation, this time catering to its Twitter...
1 comment, The Lifestyle Recommendation Engine With A Specialty

What would you do if you are stuck in an unfamiliar territory and your hunger pangs start troubling you incessantly? You would search around for a good place to eat nearby. Enter, a local lifestyle recommendation engine, which provides visitors recommendations for several queries and helps them choose the best option.Recently launched on 26th January, 2012 in two cities, it has spread...

NM Incite Reveals India’s Social Media Brand Equity Ranking

Undoubtedly, social media forms an essential part of how brands connect with their consumers. The benefits and returns of social media are astounding and plentiful. Keeping this in mind, NM Incite, a Nielsen/McKinsey company has launched a Social Media Brand Equity Ranking (SMBER) index for top brands in India.This index analyzed and ranked brands based on the volume of social media buzz and positive...
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