To the Death of Affiliate Marketing: If You Can’t Erase It, Re-write it

If you work with big names and known retailers in e-commerce, then you’re probably familiar with the business of affiliate marketing and how it works. Being in the affiliate marketing business ourselves with global ventures like Flipit, we’ve been tracking the progress of this line of work for a while now, trying to dig out the rebels from the righteous. Much to our disappointment however, affiliate...
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Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking and Other Metrics that Matter for your Online Store

This is a guest post by the guys over at Zepo, a Mumbai based startup which  helps people and businesses to set up their own e-commerce store fronts in a simple and easy way.  Google Analytics is an amazing and a must have tool for any website. And for an online store owner the most important and resourceful tool of Google Analytics is the ecommerce tracking. Let us see how ecommerce tracking along...
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9 Free Tools To Help Your Startup Off The Ground

This is a guest post by Mayank Jain from Musicfellas, a platform which allows you to discover new indie music, support your favorite artists and buy their music legally.It is a free world we live in with free access to information (read Internet) and cheap ways that make our lives better. It is now easier and cheaper to start a company from scratch. Open-source tools, free information over the internet...
3 comments Raises Funding From India Quotient

Dogspot, the online marketplace and e-commerce portal for all your pet product needs, has reportedly raised an undisclosed amount from investor India Quotient. The company which started out in 2007 primarily as a blog for pet lovers in 2007 by 32 year-old Rana and Vizel Atheya, is today the best destination for your pet needs. It is also an online network and content sharing platform for pet lovers...
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Exclusive Feature: Predictions For The Mobile Ecosystem In 2013

This is a guest post by Badri Sanjeevi, CEO of Mauj Mobile and Mobango, the independent mobile app store. At Mobango, we work closely with thousands of developers who engage with us, upload their apps and games for distribution to our global audience. We also attend several app developers conferences globally meeting hundreds of developers to have a constant pulse on the ecosystem.From all our conversations,...
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Get Social: How To Best Use Social Media For Your Small Business

This is a guest post by the guys over at Zepo, a Mumbai based startup which  helps people and businesses to set up their own e-commerce store fronts in a simple and easy way.  There is a great hype about using social media for your business. And it’s not vain. Social media can help you interact with your audience like never before.Doing business just got personal. Your customers don’t just...
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Multi-Use Hardware v/s Single-Use Software

This is a guest post by Utsav Agarwal, Founder at #nwplyng, a nifty music sharing and discovery app.  There is an incredibly interesting paradigm shift happening around us in software and hardware: As the single-use hardware devices are on their way out, specialized single-use web products and apps are on their way in. I’ve felt this way strongly about software for the past 18 months, but the thought...

The 10 Commandments of Mobile Marketing

This is a guest post by Binay Tiwari, Head of Marketing at, the Global Mobile Ad Network.  He talks about the 10 Commandments of Mobile Marketing which will help brands deliver superior brand experiences on mobile1. Thou shalt mobilize your brand strategy Mobile is not just a medium. It is a consumer lifestyle that is fundamentally changing how we live, work and play. Just creating...
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Why Mobile First is not the Right Strategy!

This is a guest post by Pravin Jadhav, Co-founder and Chief of Wishberg, a social wishlist and discovery platform. You can follow him on Twitter at @beingpracticalStartup events and Investor talks today have this catch phrase – ‘Mobile First’. Its actually started two years back when Fred Wilson wrote a post that says “Mobile First Web Second.”I recently tweeted, “Can write a post...

7 Startup Tips That Every Entrepreneur Should Focus Upon

The ratio of the number of Startups succeeding to the ones who don’t is quite awful. Just one out of every nine start-ups last for more than a year, and out of the ten  which last for more than a year, only one among them breaks even and grows further. Therefore, it is very important for every Start-up founder to keep certain things in check from very beginning. Following are some very important...
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