Inopen Technologies In Alliance With GurujiWorld To Create Digital Content For Schools

Inopen Technologies, an IIT Bombay based Educational startup, joins hands with GurujiWorld to create e-content for schools. This is an initiate to enhance IT literacy and ensure growth in the Computer education landscape.Inopen Technologies with a vision to do more will establish a Joint Venture loaded with products and services. What this joint venture will focus is known as “Opportunities...
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Expedia To Capture Indian Travel Lovers With A 60cr Brand Campaign: Will It Work?

In 2010, we blogged about Expedia coming to India by rolling out  Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP) . Expedia which is the now the hottest global online travel company is making news with its new plan of action. Expedia has decided to kick start its 360 degree advertising campaign across TV, digital media, radio and print.Expedia big round on investment in this entire advertising campaign...
0 comment Is The New Pinterest For India: But Will It Be Equally Popular?

Pintile is India’s online pinboard for India. This is in tune with the most creative social networking platform known as Pinterest. Pintile has been conceptualized and developed by Fizzy Software founded in 2007 by Sudhanshu Aggarwal and Ashish Sharma.Just like Pinterest people can “PIN” as well as “Repin” their ideas, cultures and all that is very much Indian. So from...
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Promoted Tweets Are The New Add-On For Mobile Advertising By Twitter

Now Tweeple will be able to see the Promoted Tweets on the go which will showcase the Promoted accounts. Twitter has lately announced that it has added Promoted Tweets to its iPhone and Android apps. This marks a new phase in mobile advertising.These tweets will be seen in the Twitter timeline as vented out in the official Twitter blog post. Twitter said, “Promoted Tweets will appear in...
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YouTube’s New Add On With Four Indian Languages

Youtube continues with its revamping measures and with the aim to entice Indian users, it has decided to support four more Indian languages.Social media in India is at its helm. Facebook joining hands with Indian music services and other investment sprees, marks the new phase in the world of social web in India. YouTube follows the league and wants to attract more and more Indian users by supporting...
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Pinterest Is The New Fad For Driving Traffic To Women’s Magazines: But Will It Deliver In The Long Run?

Pinterest now is the virtual pin-board for a gamut of women’s magazines. This has boosted their traffic and attracted bigger referral figures as compared to other networks such as Facebook or Yahoo.Pinterest helps brands to organize their images on Pinterest and engage users. The marketing mantra today lies in setting the happiness quotient for users and Pinterest has outgrown by leaps and...
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‘Grab A Song’ Unveiled By TATA Docomo As Their New Mobile Music Discovery

Tata Docomo announces its new music discovery platform “Grab a Song“ for all its GSM and CDMA users with a catalogue of more than 400,000 songs available in 20 languages.Tata Docomo is an unified telecom brand under Tata Teleservices Ltd. and it wants to extend its portfolio to better services. ‘Grab a Song’ is an initiative to cater to the humungous music fans in India and...
0 comment Carves A Niche As An Exquisite Online Jewelry Store

logoJPG is a new name echoing in the Indian e-commerce horizon. Styleos Retail is a fresh new entry in the fashion sphere and is an out of the box rules out the typical private sales or restricts users with “Invite Only”. Styleos Retail has emerged with the vision of being a one stop online jewelry shop for men and women with high class and magnificent collection...
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Indian Mobile Users Give Kudos To Pepsi Over Coke As Excavated By Vulcip Survey

Vulcip which happens to be the world’s largest mobile video service revealed that almost half of Indian mobile users prefer Pepsi as their most loved cola brand. Vulcip has emerged as an on-demand video service on the go. It has been serving millions of people with almost 21 million videos across the planet.Vulcip has been doing the research on India’s favorite cola brands. This was...
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While Google Latitude Makes Its Foray, Foursquare Powers Up As The Local Search Engine

When Foursquare was running all the same with check-ins, there was a sudden entry of a plethora of new features. The trend recently was with its Explore functions where users are driven into an adventure of discovering new places of interest on Foursquare.The new Explore app has been making news lately and is also included in the revamped website for Foursquare. This is another step ahead to stand...
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