Google Replies Strongly Against Censorship

It seems the entire world is struggling to break free from the slowly tightening grips of censorship on the Internet. We had our very own Kapil Sibal a few weeks back, and now we have a new villian called Mr. Vinay Rai who wants to censor “objectionable” content on Google, Facebook and other sites which harm the harmony of a nation. It’s not just India, even the USA is buckling under...
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Canaan Partners Closes Another $600Mn Fund – Good News For Indian Tech Scene?

With Ecommerce booming and Group Buying sites exploding (seen the recent Snapdeal ads?) everywhere, it is not a surprise that global VC firms like Canaan Partners is raising more money to put into the tech space. And for a change, India is getting a share in the pie. Till a few years ago, we were the land of Call Centers and Outsourcing. Recent years has seen smart people shifting from MNCs and returning...
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It’s Time To Learn Social Media Marketing From Kapil Sibal

Some people say that – “Good publicity is good, but bad publicity is better”. And we as social animals are purview to this fact more now than ever. It is so easy these days to generate a controversy and ride on the waves of media explosion that happens after that supplemented by the sharing of free information across Facebook and Twitter.Take Kapil Sibal now. If people can stop ranting for...
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Social Media & SEO – Can They Live Together?

Out of the Nth times you must have Googled, have you ever stopped and wondered who decides the priority of the results? What should come on top and what should go down? How do you really decide relevancy and intent of a search query in this digital world full of noise?Our search engines have come a long way – from the simple binary search algorithms a decade ago to the complex math machines that...
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Using Social Media For Market Research: Can They Merge?

The adoption of social media is growing, and with each passing day more and more brands are jumping into the vast sea. But one thing which seems to be still missing is Market Research using social media. It’s a simple concept; your customers are talking about you – so why don’t you mine that data to analyse what it actually means? Be it product reviews or customer support issues or simply ideas...
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Breaking: Google News Makes You The Editor!

Google News has just announced on its official blog that it is now switching on a feature called custom sections directory, which allows you to create custom sections on your Google News homepage and share with others. You can think of it as your own magazine rack. Or just think of yourself as a news editor.This can be seen as one more step in the development of news online, which in the future will...
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Web URLs Go Local: Coming Soon In Hindi!

I am sure that most of you would be surprised to know that a non-profit corporation called ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) exists with the sole responsibility of managing top-level domain name systems and IP addresses. So was I.But the cool part here is not what they have been doing, rather what they are gonna do now. This week, international domain names that can...
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Flickr Adds Facebook Like People Tagging – Which One’s Better?

Flickr, which for some years was the undisputed champ in photo sharing, recently lost the crown to the social networking giant Facebook. And now Facebook is the biggest photo sharing platform in the world. Some say that Flickr has become a more niche service with only serious photographers enrolling for it. But now, it looks as if Flickr is waking up and they have launched a new feature that has been...
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Google Launches A New Product: Social Search

You can always expect great things out of a Web 2.0 Summit, and it looks as if this one was the mother of all. We have already covered in details the exclusive deals between search engines Google and Bing to index real time results from Twitter and Facebook to display on their platform. Google will only be indexing Twitter though. But one more announcement which seems to be dying down because of the...

Google Chrome Targets Indian Users Via Facebook

I have always believed the Google Chrome browser to be the future of Google’s web services package. The future of computing is not in the OS; rather it’s in the browser. And Google has been doing whatever it can to find a strong foothold for Chrome in the internet users around the world. This would mean targeting two different sets of people. Foremost, loyal IE/Firefox users who wouldn’t want...