Facebook’s Government Requests Report Shows That India Leads In Terms Of Content Censorship

Facebook released its second Government Requests Report today and it shows that the Indian Government has been making a significant amount of requests for blocking content on the website. The report has data from two separate time period: July to December, 2013 and January to June, 2013. The dataset between July to December, 2013 shows that India made 3958 total requests to Facebook. These requests...
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TwopCharts Report Suggests That 44% Of Twitter Accounts Have Never Sent A Tweet

Twitter might be actually struggling when it comes user engagement in terms of actual tweeting. The one time social media phenomenon is currently facing somewhat of a plateau. While it is true that Twitter is the best website to discover real time news, trending topics and other happenings around the globe, it probably might not be seeing the level of engagement that Facebook has with its users.Twitter...
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Google Expands Android Security With Update To Verify Apps Feature

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Google has announced that it is adding another security layer to Android which will verify apps installed on OS continuously. Apps are the new playground for malicious individuals and Android has had instances of vulnerability due to the sheer number of Android apps that were popping up till last year because of the somewhat lax nature of Google’s app verification process after a developers sends...
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Facebook Has Updated Its Newsfeed In Order To Clean Up Low Quality Posts

The Facebook newsfeed is central to the Facebook experience. Over the years, Facebook has been tweaking its algorithms to deliver relevant content to users. However, there have been repeated instances of poor quality and irrelevant content that makes it there. The reason this happens is unfortunately, because of the users themselves. Some Facebook pages use multiple techniques to drive up engagement...
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Dropbox Brings Mailbox To Android And Launches Carousel

Dropbox has finally launched its popular email app Mailbox on Android. Mailbox which debuted on iOS last year was widely praised for improving our current state of email overload and getting users to reach the previously mythical state of Inbox Zero. Dropbox has told users that an Android app was in the works and today’s launch shows how committed Dropbox is towards building digital products instead...
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Facebook Will Remove In-App Chat For Both iOS And Android Apps

Facebook has announced that it will be removing the messaging feature from its main mobile app on both iOS and Android. The company is going this to get people to use Facebook Messenger on these platforms. When you think of it, the messages feature on the main Facebook app was pretty redundant.. when the company released Messenger. Removing this redundancy is good and moreover, Facebook Messenger is...
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Heartbleed Bug May Have Made Most Of The Internet Vulnerable For The Last 2 Years

Day before yesterday, it was revealed that a critical flaw has existed in the OpenSSL protocol for the last two years and no one knew anything about it. The existence of the bug, called Heartbleed, has made many security analysts and users very concerned. Since this bug was first introduced into the OpenSSL implementation in 2011, the protocol has been used by most major Internet websites to encrypt...
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Twitter Announces New Profile Page Design

After its public debut on the stock market, the company has been thinking about some big changes, in order to compete with Facebook. Here are some of their recent efforts:1. Acquisition of Second Sync and Mesagraph to strengthen Social TV offerings. 2. Proposed launch of Ad product for app makers. 3. Photo tagging  and multiple  photos on iOS and Android apps. 4. Experiments with removing @replies. 5....

Rocket Internet’s PricePanda Expands To India

PricePanda is another of Rocket Internet’s portfolio companies. After being launched in 2012, the company rapidly expanded to cover markets such as Argentina, Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Phillipines, Singapore and Thailand. The company now has entered Indian soil. PricePanda is a price comparison service and aims to be create price transparency across product segments, especially those...
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Google’s Project Ara Has Made Significant Progress On Modular Smartphones

Google’s Project Ara aims to build the world’s first modular smartphone. By baking in modularity right into the design of their new phone, the company hopes to give users the ultimate choice when it comes to deciding what hardware specs they would want on their phones.When Google sold off Motorola to Lenovo, it did keep its Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) out of the deal. ATAP is now...
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