Tradus Dares To Deliver Street Food Via eCommerce

Online shopping marketplace Tradus has launched a new sub-section that will allow customers to order street-food.


Taking local commerce to the next level, Tradus has initiated a daring and unique concept of accepting orders for regional street-food, sweets and other local eateries and delivering them to nearby areas within the city. Though the endeavor seems to have begun in Delhi, Tradus might consider extending the same in the future.

Celebrating the spirit of India that relishes Street-Food, Tradus has started a new sub-section and labeled it as Street Food Festival. Currently about 7 vendors and shop owners appear to have signed on and Tradus will deliver their delicacies across Delhi. Food items like Jalebis, Kachoris, Dahi Bhalla, Samosas, Halwa, Aloo Chaat, and other mouth-watering foodstuffs will be delivered to the door-step of the customer. Tradus is assuring same-day delivery if orders are placed before 11:00 AM.

Essentially Tradus is attempting to offer these popular eateries an online marketplace in order to increase their sales and ensure that the weather (it’s extremely cold in Delhi right now) doesn’t affect their business.

While this is indeed a bold attempt, Tradus will have to ensure multiple aspects are just right to ensure that the famous taste of these vendors is retained during transport and consumption at a remote location. The most critical concept the eCommerce portal will have to take care of is packing as well as delivery. Street-food often mandates immediate consumption because multiple ingredients of varying consistencies are mixed on the spot, to offer a symphony of tastes which explodes in the mouth. Tradus will have to ensure the presentation, temperature and other conditions ideal for consumption, are retained.

eCommerce has come a long way. Portals which were once stocking inventory are now readily shifting to the marketplace model. With diverse verticals now part of the SKUs, Tradus has indeed broken new ground. What do you think?

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