SnapChat Now Deals With Spam Owing To Recent Security Breach

Online Image based messaging platform SnapChat has become the latest victim of Spam that has started to infuriate its users.


For the past few days, SnapChat users have become victims of increased quantum of spam based messages. The auto-destruct picture sharing company has even issued an official apology and has assured its users that corrective steps are being taken to ensure the amount of spam is reduced quickly and over time, will be brought down to near zero.

Spamming social media is certainly not a new concept. In fact, multiple portals and platforms have been victimized in the past. More so, image based social media platforms are especially prone to attacks. This is because, these companies still do not have powerful image recognition to accurately decipher whether the image being sent across is actually a spam or not. Additionally, for SnapChat, which claims that over 300 million images are uploaded each day, it is certainly a task of gargantuan proportions to monitor each and every image.

Still, SnapChat could employ other techniques to keep a check on spam by carefully monitoring the patterns of the image sharing people to spot abnormalities. However, this option too seems less effective because of the huge attack the site was subjected to. SnapChat was a recent victim of hacking by an organized group who call themselves Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). With over 4.6 million accounts compromised, SnapChat now has a difficult task effectively weeding out spamming accounts.

SnapChat’s official response, besides issuing an apology was that the service was being targeted owing to its rapid growth. However, given the fact that users’ accounts with their credentials were exposed, it will take some time before the ramifications of the same, that include increased Spam, are brought within control. What do you think?

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