LinkedIn Unveils Marketplace For Volunteers

With an aim to connect professionals with nonprofit organizations that are looking for volunteers, LinkedIn has launched Volunteer Marketplace. ”We aim to help the social sector by doing what we do best as a company: connecting talent with opportunity at massive scale,” LinkedIn Chairman and Co-founder Reid Hoffman wrote in a blog post.

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Currently limited to only the US, the Volnuteer Marketplace posts opportunities for volunteer jobs and lets users browse them. Over three million LinkedIn members have added the Volunteer and Causes section to their profile and, in the last six months, more than 600,000 have signaled they would like to serve on a board or do skill-based volunteering since 2011.

“Today, with the launch of LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace, non-profits can discover the relevant members who’ve expressed interest in volunteering. In addition, these members will now be able to browse hundreds – and eventually thousands – of specific, high-quality volunteer opportunities that nonprofits are seeking to fill“, added Hoffman in the blog.

To help promote volunteer position, LinkedIn is partnering with a organizations that include Catchafire, Taproot Foundation, BoardSource and VolunteerMatch. The professional social network will launch the marketplace with 500 postings on Wednesday, and plans to add more in the coming weeks.

The new initiative will help out an industry that is always in need of skilled workers, but does not know where to find them. Also, the volunteer marketplace will help LinkedIn increase traffic on its website as people generally do not check it daily like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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