Google Brings 50% Data Compression To Chrome For iOS And Android

With an aim to reduce data costs on mobile, Google has launched the data compression feature on Chrome for iOS and Android. In order to avail the service users will have select the “Reduce data usage” section in the Bandwidth Management section  under Settings Menu. After enabling this setting, users will also be able to track the amount of data they are saving each month. Data compression feature is not new and it has already been introduced by Opera browser years ago.


We’ll be rolling out a new feature on Chrome for Mobile to help you reduce data usage and save money on your mobile plan”, Google’s  Software Engineer & Data Squasher Extraordinaire, Matt Welsh, wrote in a company blog post. Google is promising up to 50 percent savings in data usage, which could reduce one’s data costs significantly. In order to compress the data send to the mobile device, Google is forwarding all HTTP traffic and DNS look-ups to a SPDY proxy run by the company, which sends its data back to the device over an SSL connection.

Besides data compression, the feature will also enable mobile Chrome’s safe browsing mode, which reportedly “helps protect you from malicious webpages. Moreover, Google is introducing a couple of other features to Chrome. Google Translate will be integrated into Chrome for iOS, which will let iPhone and iPad users translate web pages with a button. Chrome for Android now lets you save favorite sites to your Android homescreen.

Yesterday we reported that Google had launched Google Chrome 32 with various new features.


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