YouTube Rolls Out Comment Management Tool

YouTube has unveiled a new tool that lets video creator manage comments. The video site recently tweaked its commenting system by making it users to log in through their Google+ ids to be able to comment on any content. YouTube acknowledged that users of the site were unhappy with the change.

Youtube comment

“Staying connected with your audience is critical on YouTube, so we fast-tracked the development of a new comment management page that lets you see, respond to and moderate your comments all in one place”, YouTube said in a company blog post.

User can also remove comments, flag comments for spam or abuse, give a thumbs up, or click to the video page and reply. They can further seamlessly toggle between comments that are published on the channel, comments that are pending channel manager approval, or comments that have been marked as spam. Prior to this, YouTube comments were simply sorted by the most recent post. The tool is a central inbox for all the comments their content receive.  Although, the mandatory Google+ account log in still exists, the new tool is a boon for those who publish their videos on the site.

The popular video site from Google had planned to showcase 4K streaming at the recently held CES 2014 in Las Vegas. Last year, Google had announced that YouTube gets 40% view from mobile. The eight year old video site had revealed in May that it uploads over 100 hours of video per minute.


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