India Proves An Eager Market For Wearable Tech: Accenture Survey

A recently conducted survey by Research Firm Accenture has put forth an interesting aspiration found in Indians regarding Wearable Technology.


According to Accenture’s Digital Consumer Tech Survey 2014, India is set to become the next super-market for wearable technologies like smart-watches, fitness monitors and other similar gadgets that can be either worn discreetly or which can be flashed as a style statement, all the while offering vital clues about the body or other information relevant to the wearer. Consumers are not just keen to know and explore about these miniaturized technologies, but are willing to spend on such gadgets too, revealed Mattias Lewren, Global MD (Electronics and High-Tech industry group), Accenture,

India is clearly a major growth market for consumer electronics. Craving more personalized digital experiences, the country’s consumers, rank among the world’s most willing to pay for and use consumer electronics devices — including wearable technologies.

What are Indians interested about?
Wearable Technology, which falls under the broad category of consumer electronics, has been receiving a very high amount of interest, both from the companies making them, as well as the present and potential customers. According to the survey, Indians were most interested in buying Fitness Monitors (80%), Smart Watches (76%) and Internet-Enabled Eyeglasses (74%). While showing interest is just the first step, about 80% shared they were planning to buy a smartphone, 69% were planning their purchase of a High Definition TV, while 65% planned to buy a traditional tablet PC and 63%, a laptop PC.

Consumer electronic companies as well as a few internet and Tech Giants too, have been making some serious progress in this field. Coupled with the regular falling prices of sensors and their shrinking sizes, such technologies, have started to come in miniscule form factors. Moreover, companies are engrossed in developing products that communicate with each other and effectively form a collaborative and synchronized ecosystem that is both automated as well as built to ensure constant monitoring.

There’s no doubt that smartphones have evolved in their roles and can execute multiple and complex tasks with ease. Sync them with other wearable technologies and the possibilities are truly endless. With Indians leading in tech innovation, it’s no wonder that the demand for the finalized products is high too. What do you think?


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