Vine Comes To The Desktop Web

Twitter’s Vine was a mobile only experience when it launched last year. However, in between the company introduced web embeds for all the vines being added on the network. Now, the company has launched the desktop web version of the service and users will find it to be good experience.


After you log in with your Vine credentials on its website, you can view the feed of vine videos in your network. You can also like and comment on the videos in addition to sharing (revining). You can also view profiles of users on the network. A new feature only launched for the desktop web is the TV mode, which allows users to view Vines comfortably. You can also flip between various videos easily.



Besides these new features, the company has stated in a blog post that it will be bringing in new features and improvements to the service this year.

Vine is a phenomena which has not made a huge impact on the Indian subcontinent yet. However, it is quite popular as a funny, quirky and interesting way for amateurs to record their videos and share it with a huge amount of people. Also, the embeds on the web lets many more people view these videos.

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