Nokia Officially Bids Adieu To Symbian And MeeGo Apps

A new year brings a new beginnings but at the same time its also means sad endings. Nokia which recently sold its mobile business to Microsoft has now officially pulled the plug on MeeGo and Symbian. The Finnish company has ended all possible developer support for these two mobile operating system.


The Symbian Signed team said last goodbye to users via an official tweet that read. “That was it; we are officially closed. Thank you all for the past years!” The move is designed to focus Nokia’s efforts on Windows Phone and its low-cost Asha line. There are still a small percentage of Symbian handsets out there but Nokia has closed doors to the App store and the Ovi Store will not will not accept any more apps.

The end of support means there will be no new apps or updates for Symbian and Meego from now on although you can still find some apps online and also don’t expect any future updates as well.

Less than a month after Microsoft purchased Nokia’s Devices and Services division for 5.4 billion Euros, Nokia made the announcement that Symbian developers would have until January 1, 2014 to offer any final updates on existing apps.

Symbian was the main reasons for Nokia’s success and we still remember some its popular devices like the Nseries with N76 and the legendary N95. But time changed and iOS and Android paved their way through Nokia. It was then that the company decided to bid farewell to Symbian and MeeGo and go with Windows Phone. But, I think many of you will agree that Symbian did had a good and successful run. I owned a N 70 before I switched to Android and I thank Nokia for a wonderful pre Android era.

Do you sometimes miss your old Nokia phones? Share with us your view.


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