Indians Prefer To Share Mobile Videos And Watch Full-Length Content: Vuclip Survey

Vuclip, an independent mobile video and media company has conducted a detailed survey & come up with some pretty interesting insights into the mobile based consumption of users.


According to the company, the year 2013 saw a significant rise in the Mobile Video Consumption. Although this is an already established fact, Vuclip managed to dig up a few more patterns that are sure to have a long-term impact on the strategies devised by the mobile companies as well as content managers.

Vuclip observed that Indians enthusiastically share mobile videos. 65% of Indians indulge in sharing mobile videos, which is much more than the global average of 53%. More importantly, the demographic doing this on a grand scale is much younger than 18 Years. 87% of the users below 18 years confirmed they regularly share mobile videos.

Full-Length Content Please: Another rather peculiar trend that Vuclip spotted was that mobile users, who consumed videos on their devices, preferred to watch full-length or long-form of the content & did not exhibit their preference towards condensed content or short movie clips. About 62% of adult users & a whopping 87% of kids below 18 years regularly consumed full-length TV serials or movies.

Lack of choices?
If made available, 89% of respondents confirmed they would prefer to watch their favorite movies and 81% said they would prefer to watch their favorite TV Serials, on their mobiles. This indicates that the users might be facing an issue of lack of avenues from where to source content. However, in the past one year, we have seen multiple platforms emerging, but apparently they are still not enough.

The Hurdles: Needless to say, with such requirements, the data bill is a constant factor of worry. As much as 40% of the respondents lamented about the high data costs. Another, more realistic issue faced by the users was the constant & relentless buffering that spoiled the experience. Since companies are already stretching their resources, shouldn’t these service providers improve their services at least now that there is ample demand?


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