The Most Lucrative Segment Today Is Mobile Ads With 300% Growth In 2013 Alone

Having registered an astonishing growth of more than 300%, the Mobile Advertising segment has emerged to be one of the most profitable of segments.


As per the latest Android Ad Insights for the third Quarter of 2013, by AppFlood, a cross-promotion platform for trading mobile traffic, the revenue generated from mobile advertising increased 332% within these 3 months alone! Needless to say, this segment has exhibited a very high marketing and revenue potential.

Mobile users from emerging regions are becoming serious contenders for sources of mobile ad revenue: Though USA is still the country with highest mobile ad earnings in Q3 2013, India is at second position. Additionally, consistent with recent patterns, the earnings from advertising, is mainly being acquired by the ‘non-western’ regions, which include countries in APAC, Middle East and Africa.

The Android Segment was considered since it is by far the most common and dominant platform in the mobile and smartphone segment. Moreover, only smartphones were considered for the research since these devices, owing to their capabilities can put forth advertising in its fullest glory, which feature or basic phones simply cannot.

China gets in on the Mobile Advertising: Breaking the mold, China has emerged to be the largest spender in Mobile Advertising, confirmed the research,

Chinese tech giants invested the largest chunk of their budget into acquiring Asian users (outside China) – as much as 33% of the total budget. Outside of Asia, as much as 22% of China’s total spends went into the Middle East. Western regions on the other hand including North America and Western Europe accounted for just half of China’s total spend on Asia

Chinese companies like Tencent, Xiaomi, Alibaba, and Baidu have been found to splurge on Mobile Advertising and the surge registered was more than 150% between March and September. Interestingly, this seems to synchronize well with the launch of Chat Apps, Commercial Search Engines and Web Browsers, apart from Smartphones, that these companies make.

Looking at the findings, it is amply clear that the traditional markets and sources of advertising have shifted their individual bases. With Chinese companies now vying for attention, will Indian Developers manage to generate handsome revenues by treating China as a Buyer Country?


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