Google’s Eric Schmidt Predicts 2014 Trends

The year 2013 was of big screen smartphones. What trends will we see in 2014 as we gear up to welcome a new year tomorrow? Well, Eric Schmidt has some answers to that. The Google chairman revealed his predictions of 2014 in a latest interview to Bloomberg.


Schmidt touted that the movement toward a mobile computing environment has been completed. He said that “Everyone is going to have a smartphone. The trend has been that mobile was winning. It’s now won. There are more tablets and phones being sold than personal computers.”

He further stated that 2014 will also see the “arrival of big data and machine intelligence everywhere” which he believes will change “every business globally”, thanks to companies being able to learn more about each of their customers. The Google exec also said that the biggest disruption we already can be sure about will be the emergence of more sophisticated machine intelligence, which will change business globally by giving them faster access to better data about their customers.

According to him the biggest disruptions expected next year are going to be in the field of genetics. He said “we don’t really know what’s going to happen”. These disruptions would give away to new discoveries in diagnostics and treatment of cancer in the coming year, which he calls unfathomably important.

Interestingly, Schmidt suggests that Google missed a the social networking trend over the past several years. Taking personal responsibility for “missing” the “social networking phenomenon” – before Google+, of course – Schmidt suggests that missing this trend at its start is “not a mistake we’re going to make again”.

At the end of his interview Schmidt further highlighted the need for Google’s products and services, mentioning how proud he is of Google’s business model, which seems to do well regardless of the state of the economy.

You can check out the entire interview here.


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