Dealing With Cyber Security A Top Most Concern, Warns ISACA. Here’s What You Can Do

A collective body comprising of worldwide associations of internet security professionals, known as ISACA has announced a warning pertaining to increasing complexities while dealing with cyber security.


According to ISACA, cyber-security is set to get a lot more complicated in the upcoming year and IT and cyber-security professionals should strictly resolve now to gear up for accelerated change and complexity, cautioned Bhavesh Bhagat, CEO of EnCrisp, Co-Founder of Confident Governance and member of ISACA’s new emerging business and technology committee,

The pace of change expected in 2014 will put incredible pressure on technology professionals in the workplace with a focus on keeping IT risk in check while at the same time delivering value to the business.

Which sectors are vulnerable?
Though the entire internet ecosystem is under constant threat of being attacked or compromised by talented, yet ill-intentioned individuals or large teams; the newly emerging trends of remote data hosting and management, stand at the cusp of vulnerability.

Essentially, the organization has named big data, data centers, social media servers and other associated services, apart from the BYOD (Bring You Own Device) culture, as the primary targets for hackers and other coders with malicious intent.

What should the organizations do?
ISACA has clearly placed data and its privacy at the top of the sectors to protect. Here are a few of the tips ISACA offers:

Trim the Data: Organizations should work to intelligently sift through data and discard or destroy irrelevant and unnecessary chunks, which will also result in significant savings.

Do not ban, but embrace BYOD: No matter the policy, employees will continue to prefer their own devices, even to conduct official business. Hence, instead of asking employees to strictly use office-issued hardware, proactively fortify the devices. Interestingly, this change is already being observed.

Proactively monitor Internet of Things: Recently we observed how the trend of connected devices is on the rise. Hence it is critical to actively watch out for and subsequently ensure protection of, such devices which connect to the internet via the internal office server.

Essentially, ISACA recommends that businesses eliminate excess data and amalgamate what remains. Thereafter they should promote sharing and protection of the data by deploying better controls and standards. Is your organization doing it?

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