Why Did BlackBerry Pull-Out The Twitter Update And Ask Users To Downgrade?

Already troubled Canadian Smartphone maker Blackberry, doesn’t seem to catch a break as it swiftly pulled out the latest updated Twitter App for its BlackBerry Operating System; the BB OS 10 (BB10).


Why did BlackBerry retract its steps?
Twitter as well as other instant messaging services are now of prime importance to the company. This is because BlackBerry recently hinted openly that it will cease making hardware and instead focus on offering virtual services, mainly for the corporate sector.

Though BlackBerry has always prided itself on offering super-strong encrypted communication platforms, its claims were laid bare, when it relented to the Government’s strong arm tactics. The Indian Government, after a long tussle, finally managed to get snooping rights to the BlackBerry’s encrypted messaging and communication platforms. However, BlackBerry has somehow managed to still safeguard data and communication logs of its corporate users from Government’s prying eyes.

All this shows just how important offering a smooth and reliable interactive platform is. However, the Twitter App apparently suffered some major glitches and bugs, like delayed or failed feed updates, app misbehavior, failed starts, slight visual inadequacies and such other repeatable or non-repeatable errors.

Such a pullout is certainly a major blow. This is because the much hyped update was touted to bring some much-needed features like Home Timeline Photo Preview, Deep BBM Integration, Reply within Tweets, Improved Search as well as quick reporting of SPAM and abuse. Additionally, the app was supposed to offer much simpler, slicker and improved performance.

Twitter has been gradually expanding its base and offering better access to multimedia content with music, audio and video. BlackBerry’s updated version was being readied to improve access to such content. But instead, users are being strongly urged to ‘Downgrade’. However, a very small percentage of users seem to have a glitch-free experience. Let’s see how well BlackBerry cleans up its act in this fiasco.

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