Maharashtra RTO To Implement 4 Stage SMS Alert System For Car Registration

The Maharashtra Regional Transport Office (RTO) is evidently taking its first tentative step towards mobile based customer communication and intimation.


V N More, Transport Commissioner, Maharashtra, has decided to introduce a four-level SMS alert system for all new car registrations. Interestingly, at present, only the Mumbai RTO (MH01–MH03) has been chosen to implement the same. The alerts will be offered in a multi-stage (4 chronologically structured SMSs) manner to offer timely and instantaneous updates about the status of the car’s registration.

With this system in place, it is hoped that car owners will affix legitimate and authenticated license plates to their vehicles, instead of plying on the roads with officially unregistered cars. The alerts will also help people track the status of car registrations and check whether the registration number has been allotted by the RTO. Though it’s mandatory for the Governmental department to issue registration numbers, there are multiple delays and hurdles to get the same. This will be for the first time that the RTO will be informing citizens through SMS alerts.

Why wasn’t this implemented earlier?
SMS based alerts have been in existence for quite some time now. Enthusiastically adopted by the Railways, the humble SMS has recently received an elevated importance. This 160 character short message will soon be treated as Official Communication by the Government. However, it took a nasty accident and an unregistered premium car (Audi A6) to get the Government’s wheels spinning.

How will the intimation work?
Upon purchase of a vehicle, the dealer will intimate RTO, who will in turn affix inspection dates and confirm via SMS upon successful completion of the same. Thereafter, the second SMS will be received post successful deposit of the road tax by the dealer. The third SMS will relay successful payment of the registration fee and the fourth and final SMS will bear the license number.

SMS alerts, though quite rudimentary is certainly a step in the right direction of digitization. Do you think RTO will go even further in minimizing the speed-bumps between buying a car and legally driving it on the road?


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