Wikipedia To Be Present At Kolkata Book Fair

Wikipedia will launch a campaign during the fair to sign-up volunteers who can contribute to enrich its Bengali link (Banglapedia) database, besides the mother site. This is an effort to reach out to as many people as they can to have a robust native language database. The representatives will be present through the 12 days of the fair during which workshops would be held demonstrating the procedure to edit existing articles. Wikipedia has launched several mobile applications for the same which they would undoubtedly be focusing on to introduce to common smartphone user.


The source of all information (at least the first source of all information) on the internet is Wikipedia. The website is invaluable in almost everything related to trivia, science and any other topic imaginable. Wikipedia is arguably the most famous website on the inter web and can easily escalate to a billion dollar enterprise provided it starts putting advertisements on its pages. Non-profit Wikimedia Foundation, the parent company of knowledge-based article collating platform Wikipedia seems to be receiving enhanced traction on the portal from India. The reason for this upswing in activity is apparently its decision to expand the scope of the portal via multiple Indian languages.

The Wikimedia, the organization that runs Wikipedia has announced that they will be launching some beta features which users can test before they are deployed on a massive scale. Wikimedia wants this beta features section to be a digital lab in the spirit of Google Labs for Gmail. Wikipedia has also announced support for editing content on your mobile device. The primary goal was to create a fast, intuitive editing experience for new users and experienced editors alike, while still sticking with markup editing. Wikipedia seems to have undoubtedly fueled the consumption of online content. It has proven that people actually crave for knowledge in the native language, but didn’t have a proper platform. Indian languages are also a part of the several languages that Wikipedia features content in.

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