TV Advertising Lures e-Commerce Companies Irrespective Of Their Size And Age

Online shopping portals appear to have been lately smitten by advertising. Though such businesses have to mandatorily advertise, their preferred medium seems to be television.


e-Commerce companies have been enthusiastically booking ad slots and needless to say, paying handsomely to advertise via television channels or in between broadcasts. Interestingly, despite popular assumption, it is not just the big names like Myntra, Flipkart or others, but even relatively smaller online shopping portals have been vying to grab TV Watchers’ attention.

We spend approximately Rs. 10 Crores annually on Mass Media Advertising, which is mainly done for brand building and gaining trust of the consumers. TV allows us to educate and create the much-needed awareness for the brand, resulting in traffic and building trust,” confirmed Peyush Bansal, CEO and Founder of

Fabfurnish, another niche and nascent internet startup that sells furniture, who is barely two years old, has apparently earmarked a budget of half a million Euros for televised advertising! “Online home decor market is in a nascent stage. We need to create awareness about the category as well as build a brand for ourselves,” justified Vaibhav Aggarwal, CEO and Co-Founder,

Do such internet based companies need to advertise via television?
It is hard to deny the exposure and reach the television medium presently has in India. Additionally, television still is one of the largest awareness creation machines, besides being one of the strongest agents to ensure brand recall.

Ironically, web companies still do not have concrete or conclusive numbers to prove the efficacy of advertising on TV, but still they have a feeling that traffic to their website surged and customers seemed to have increased trust and awareness.

With the advent of DTH, brand managers certainly have better data to prove the popularity of certain content, but should the web-companies attempt to piggyback on such a popularity by paying huge sums of money, when other online channels or mediums are doing well?


Image Source | ET

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