SnapChat Infuses Real Time Information Based Features In Its Updated App

The evidently famous auto-destruct photo sharing app SnapChat has offered some interesting settings within its newly updated app. Though the update has been announced for the iOS based devices, the features should be included in Android Version soon.


What has SnapChat offered?
SnapChat became a hit owing to its simple concept of obliterating photos immediately once they were viewed. But the new app allows one more peek at the photos. Though, once restricted to just one per day, it now means SnapChat servers do not instantly delete the photo which they did earlier. Referred to as ‘Replay’, this option lets users watch one snap per day for a second time.

Apart from the Replay feature, SnapChat has offered insertion of information based on regional or local parameters. These ‘Smart Filters’ can be applied by simply swiping on the photo. Users can swipe left and right to apply various filters and one filter will overlay the current temperature on the picture, using data supplied by the Weather Channel, while another swipe will overlay the user’s speed. Users can enable the new features from the ‘Setting’ menu and scroll to ‘Additional Services’ and tap on ‘Manage’ to find the 6 new settings for filters.

Additionally, the update also offers an option for changing the font of the text, if users want to caption their photos. The app also manages to enable a front-facing flash for ‘Selfies’ (A photo of self, taken usually from the Phone’s front–facing camera). Essentially SnapChat has allowed users to let others know the time and temperature of the place where the photo was taken, along with the speed at which the user was travelling.

SnapChat has been growing in popularity for some time now. In fact, the company claims to have turned down offers of acquisition from Facebook, Tencent, Google, etc. with money being offered claimed to be upwards of 3 or 4 Billion Dollars. Do you think these features will further propel its popularity?

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