Government Asks DeitY To Prepare Roadmap For e-Governance 2.0

e-Governance surely has come a long way, but the Government of India feels, a lot is yet to be done. To set the pace, it has asked the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), to setup guidelines and roadmap for the second stage of National e-Governance Plan (NeGP).


The National Information Technology (IT) Department, under which majority of the e-Governance projects are being deployed, has been asked to commission an Independent Assessment of Progress and Impact of NeGP during the XI Plan period (also known as 11th 5 Year Plan), so as to know the actual ground realities and confirm the current status and stages in which the e-Governance 1.0 projects are.

Simply referred to as e-Governance 2.0, DeitY will essentially design the chronologically bound milestones which the Government and its associated bodies will follow to ensure the e-Governance initiatives initiated in the first phase, are not only completed in a time-bound and systematic manner; but the next phase of development, wherein projects that depend on the successful completion of first phase, are set in motion.

What has the Government earmarked in e-Governance 2.0?
The first phase of the e-Governance was pretty encompassing and the Government had initiated multiple pan-India projects. Some of the notable mentions include the Biometric Identity Aadhar, mPassport Seva, Rural Internet Connectivity, Banking, e-Remittance and many other projects that have shown tremendous promise.

Interestingly, in the beginning of this year, this very same agency had announced its plans for this year and though majority of the projects are still ‘In-Progress’, few have been gaining quite a bit of momentum. However, a few of the projects, which sounded a little too fancy (Android Powered Watch!) are still on the drawing board.

For the next year, the Government is essentially focusing on two major aspects: Web–Based Communication and Procurement as well boosting digital remittance (e-Banking). Multiple departments will be asked to swiftly shift their procurement, which takes place via tenders, must be held via e-Auctions.

The other area that the Government is keenly interested, is Digital Banking. It firmly believes the remittances via e-Banking, that are authenticated via Aadhar card, will significantly hamper corruption. Interestingly, though the volume of Banking via such digital means has gone up, the number of people adopting these techniques is still low and the Government wants to remedy the same. Do you think the Government will succeed?


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