HP Collates Multiple Enterprise Services Under ‘ConvergedSystem’

Hewlett Packard (HP) has collated multiple data and intelligence services to be offered to its Indian customers.


Simply titled ‘ConvergedSystems’, it is a large collection of integrated systems and converged storage solutions. HP India wants to capture the growing market of Big Data Analytics and companies seeking Virtualization Technologies.

What is ConvergedSystems? It is quite evident that companies of all shapes and sizes have now realized the criticality and importance of Remote Servers, Data Centers, Virtual Warehouses and Intelligent networks. HP has attempted to bundle the services under various packages that would not only save a lot of hassles for the companies, but these enterprises will be able to save a lot on monetary front too when they approach a single company.

HP has cleverly realized the need to offer single – window solutions to services and products. “The new HP ConvergedSystem is a family of integrated IT systems built for key workloads such as virtualization, big data and hosted desktops,” explained Barun Lala, Director, Storage, HP India. Though HP has come up with a solution, there are multiple other companies, including search giant Google among others, who have had their similar offerings out for quite some time.

Will HP be able to break the market?
According to Lala, the demand is far greater than what current crop of suppliers can provide. “In the next five years, the unstructured data is expected to grow by 50 Times. Enterprises need to be able to manage this exponential growth while introducing new applications, such as big data analytics,” shared Lala.

Research firm IDC has predicted that the market for Converged Systems will grow more than three times faster, than the growth of spend on traditional infrastructure. Companies, especially in the IT and related sectors will increasingly need to shift their core functions on remotely hosted services and work with their data which will be held in some remote data farms.

Besides the need, HP has ensured customers do give the services a serious consideration. The company claims its clients can go from ‘Order To Operations’ in as few as 20 days. Do you think Indian companies will appreciate the speed and the convenience offered by HP?


Image Source | Hewlett Packard

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